Crypto Wizard AMA With Arno

Guest: Ludmila Lopatina, (PR and advertising)


Ans:Lyudmila Lopatina PR and advertising. I have been taking part in it since the first day of the creation of the project.

Ans:Creation of production of secondary energy sources for industrial and home use based on lead-acid battery cells using carbon nano materials. The goal is to make electricity more affordable for the end consumer. And we see this as a great opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment. All our developments are patented and based on the latest technologies. We have provided development for a full production cycle. This is our advantage.

Ans:We are going clearly along the roadmap. And even with some anticipation. Our community is constantly growing and more and more new countries are being added. So we already have 7 multilingual telegram chats. We are preparing a staking pool for our investors on the website, listing on the exchange will take place in October.

Ans:We have a simple ERC20 token - this is the best solution for its simplicity. When buying an Arno token on our website, our investors receive additional bonuses.

Ans:Free sales 58.00%
● Rewards 2.00%
● Project support 20.00%
● Reserv 3.00%
● Marketing 3.00%
● Team 6.00%
● ICO/IEO 8.00%
ARNO token is based on ETH — ERC-20;
The total token emission is 50 000 000;
The token is not reissued;

Twitter Segment

Ans:Our project is based on a long term. We are involved in production and are planning to use the Arno token for various purposes. So far we cannot reveal all the details, but soon there will be staking on the site, and in the future we will continue the roadmap and there will be another use of the Arno token

Ans:The minimum amount, upon purchase, is 30 arno. This can be done directly on the site.

Ans:You don’t need any special knowledge. Everything is very simply written on the site. There are also links to social networks and you can always ask a question in telegram chats.

Ans:To work with us, you need a desire and everyone can be a representative using the referral program.

Ans:We only have a part of the tokens for sale on the presale, and during the year the team will not sell their tokens. In addition, staking will be organized on the site and we plan to use the token in additional additional ways, which we will discuss later.

Live Q&A

Ans:At the moment, we have completed the IEO and will be listing on the exchange just soon. But we do not disregard other matters.

Ans:Our community is constantly expanding through publications in various publications, including Bloomberg. We also have many multilingual chats and active accounts in social networks. We also use a referral program and Airdrop

Ans:We have several groups with active members. These groups have several thousand active members. Many who join us become our investors.

Ans:Ideally, we ourselves strive to become a big brand) But, of course, we plan to collaborate and promote, with artists and current big brands.

Ans:Our ecosystem is very simple - it is the organization of the production of secondary energy sources for industrial and domestic purposes based on lead-acid battery cells using carbon nanomaterials. For this we use the latest financial technologies.

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