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8 min readNov 18, 2021


1) Please briefly introduce yourself and what your role is in the AEX Global team?

Ans:Hello everyone👋, I am Frank, Vice President of AEX Global strategy. I have been interested in the crypto market since the birth of Bitcoin in 2011, I have even led P2P finance, wallets, miners, public chains, and DApp project operations. Currently, I am responsible for the overall operations of AEX Global business expansion, involving modules such as brand image, community popularize, market planning, channel operations, business cooperation, and strategic presence formation.

First of all, thank you all for coming to the AEX's 8th anniversary AMA session, we also brought the benefits of the event, which will be revealed one by one during the AMA. If you want to have a deeper understanding of AEX Global, you can follow our social media accounts.

👉Official website


👉Telegraph group

2) Can you introduce us to AEX Global, which many people in the community are not familiar with?

Ans:AEX is an established exchange founded in 2013, advocating ""Safe investment, Sustainable value-added"", AEX’s blockchain asset storage scale is among the top international exchanges. Over the past 8 years, AEX has reached millions of registered users in over 100 countries and regions around the world. In conjunction with the AEX international community, AEX has built a crypto space that breaks through barriers of nationality, geography, culture, and economy to achieve true financial inclusion in the distributed participation of users.

In 8 years of operation, AEX has never had any major system or asset accidents, paying much attention to the choice of coins on the shelves. Because the impact of a coin with many users running away or returning to 0 is comprehensive, even fatal, and beyond the control of the trading platform. In the industry’s first introduction of DOGE, Ripple, BTS, NEM , Stellar and other coins, early users have gained a more significant income.

AEX also consistently maintains forward-looking research in cutting-edge areas, and is able to provide quick and timely feedback on market demand, including DeFi meta-universe, NFT, layer2, boca, etc., and continues to make product innovations to allow users to enjoy the pleasure of wealth appreciation.

3) What are the current business models?

Ans:AEX’s current business model is already quite rich, and both existing crypto users and new entrants can find a suitable scenario to benefit themselves. Specifically, it includes: Fiat Currency Trading, Spot Trading, Contract Trading, ASwap, DeFi Pool, Staking, Fixed Savings, Flexible Savings, Term Loan, Demand Loan, C2C Loan, etc.

As of November 2021, AEX has opened 3 trading sequences USDT, USDC and BTC, with 300+ coins on the shelves. In order to allow users to achieve ""safe investment and steady growth"", there are also five regions based on their liquidity, price stability, and research foresight.

Since its launch, AEX financial products have been operating safely for about 1,000 days, with cumulative user investment amounting to $13.8 billion, earning a total of $78.3 million and benefiting more than 13,200 people. 100% reserve system of AEX platform can guarantee smooth cash withdrawal for investors.

4)Is the AEX platform convenient and safe for access to assets in any countries (regions)?

Ans:AEX is penetrating into various market segments in a compliant manner. AEX holds multiple licenses in Canada, the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom to conduct foreign exchange transactions, fund payments, digital currency transactions, and other types of business operations in many regions around the world.😊

AEX supports more than 22 types of fiat currency entry and exit channels, users in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania markets can enjoy a safe and smooth fiat currency exchange experience at AEX.

Considering that users come from different countries and different payment habits, AEX also provides multiple payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bank Transfer, etc. In the future, AEX will be more active in providing compliant digital asset financial services globally and providing policy protection for platform users.😎

5) Do you have any benefits for everyone on the 8th anniversary of AEX?

Ans:Of course you do! In order to thank the new and old users for their trust and support to AEX for 8 years, the platform launched the activity of ""Played Texas Hold’em for free and won a BTC prize"". All users can participate for free, the prizes are BTC, USDT, GAT, etc., and the highest prize is 1 BTC.
Contest period: November 16 - November 24 (UTC)

6) is there a participation threshold for the competition? What are the prizes? Can you tell us more about the event?

Ans:This event is an 8th anniversary benefit🔥, and all users can participate for free. Users who participate in the game will get 3000 points at the beginning of the game for free entertainment. When the points are not enough, you can also resurrect through the task and continue to compete in the contest.

💥Special Note: Now click the link below to register and fill in the Google Form Link for AMA participating users, you can get another 500 points extra.

👉Activity registration link

👉Google form link

📌This award has 3 parts: points exchange, leaderboard rewards, and prize pool rewards, which can cover a relatively large number of players. The specific activity rewards are as follows:

➡️1) Game points exchange for GAT (AEX platform coin, current price 0.097 USD)
After the game, users can apply to redeem the points won from the game in their accounts (excluding the initial 3000 points), and each user can redeem up to 1 million points,
Exchange ratio: 100 points = 1GAT.

➡️2) Leaderboard rewards
The number of remaining GAT points in personal account on the day the activity ends is ranked from most to least.

First place: 1 BTC one person
Second place: 5000 USDT one person
Third place: 3000 USDT one person
4-10th place: 1000 USDT 7 persons
11-50th place: 500 USDT 40 persons
51-100 places: 200 USDT 50 persons
101-300 places: 50 USDT 200 persons

➡️3) Prize pool rewards

(1) The prize pool will be divided into a daily prize pool and a total prize pool, with the prize pool coming from 20% of the table fees charged by the system for each game, of which 15% of the table fees will go into the daily prize pool, 25% into the total prize pool, and the other 60% will be recycled and destroyed by the platform.

(2) The prize in the daily pool will be given to the users who have participated in more than 3 games the previous day; the total pool will be divided by the users who have played more than 20 games.

Twitter Segment:

1) Is there any service I can offer to be monetized on #AEX PLATFORM ? Where's Latentry storage users data, are in the blockchain or outside blockchain?

Ans:The AEX Exchange has many benefit scenarios such as spot trading and contracts where users can enjoy the fun of trading, finance, DeFi and Staking are all solid token earning scenarios. AEX manages user data storage in compliance with the regulatory policies of each country and is highly secure. ☺️

2) AEX Exchange develops a wide range of products, which gives it an edge in that it can suit practically any user's needs. Is it, however, difficult to handle a large number of products? How do you assure that all AEX Exchange items are of high quality?

Ans:Thanks for your endorsement. 🙌🏼 AEX has expanded gradually from a trading only business 8 years ago. The exchange system is incremental and secure iteration. Now, the product and technical staffing is quite high in the team. There are independent operation teams for each segment.

Such as ASwap team and DeFi mining pool team, which will try to improve the corresponding module services, including product performance improvement, economic model upgrade, user service, brand promotion and other one-stop services.

3) How do you convince the average crypto user that AEX should be your one stop-shop for the benefit of your assets? Why not go for a different and more renowned project? And how are you going to instill confidence in your user base, since the team is anonymous?

Ans:1️⃣AEX was founded in 2013 and has been operating safely for 8 years, with time tested safety and reliability.

2️⃣AEX has BitTalk community, users can get the global cutting-edge information, for participation in the market.

3️⃣AEX is quite unique in the field of financial management, and the scale of storage in production is at the top of the world. There is 100% margin.

4)This AEX Texas Hold'em Poker Game is the 2nd, will it be held again? All participants are free to participate, is this a money-giving event? What is the core objective of this campaign?

Ans:The event was held once last year. Whether it will be held again will depend on the situation. This is an airdrop benefit where users play Texas Hold’em for free without recharging and earn points to get BTC/USDT or GAT earnings. The purpose of the event is to give thanks to new and old users and share the joy of the 8th anniversary.

5) Currently, most projects and platforms are in English. How would you explain #aexplus project to the non-English community? Do your have any plans?

Ans:The AEX Exchange is available in English and Chinese as the basic version, but is equipped with customer service staff in each minor language. In addition, more language versions will be upgraded online according to the volume of users.

We are committed to building a global community

Live Q&A

1)How old is Your project? What are the major plans ahead? Could you show to us image of your roadmap?

Ans:After 8 years, AEX has been upgraded to a digital asset commercial bank integrating trading, finance, lending, and investment, allowing the liquidity value and benefits of digital assets to be unprecedentedly enhanced; through strategies such as multi-chain DeFi and community exchange space building, the dual effects of "user wealth appreciation and pass value enhancement empowerment" are realized; while ensuring stability and incentive, users truly have the right to acquire and distribute wealth, and also have the widest source of income.

2) 👉 Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? ? Or does it only appeal to professional users??

Ans:Our platform is suitable for new users to join, and in the future we will also create an AEX Academy😉

3) Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?

Ans:We are satisfied, our platform has been constantly upgraded and perfected, now there are very many businesses, more can understand our official website

4) Please tell me sir,

✅While you build your project?
✅Do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Ans:AEX is equipped with a global team to provide 7*24 hour customer services; the official website and app are based on the English version and are expanding to more languages to meet the interaction habits of users in niche markets. For international communities with a large user base and high activity, AEX is considering a strategic presence to explore products and services tailored to local needs.

Unlike most exchanges, AEX has also built an "international community" for crypto enthusiasts around the world to communicate. The AEX International Community module allows you to not only learn about the latest cryptocurrency news from around the world, but also express your industry insights and discuss them with others, and the AEX platform aggregates the "flow of information + flow of assets" to minimize the risk of losses due to the lack of information.

5) Which one of the most important for you?

1.Expanding Partnership Globally
2.Increasing Token Price & Value.
3.Empowering Platform Development
4.Building Community Trust

Ans:1.Expanding Partnership Globally



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