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1) Can you describe what BubbleGum is?

Ans:Bubble Gum introduces non-blockchain players to the realm of decentralised gaming by creating simple portals that give players control of their assets in the game, allowing players to trade on the blockchain for items they receive from the

Bubble Gum hopes to build a global, decentralized, cross-platform, highly liquid, and unified asset value guarantee ecosystem of game distribution and pan-gaming community, empowering global game cp, benefiting every player, creating a blockchain ecology for the traditional game industry, and providing basic support for the entire blockchain game industry.

Bubble Gum wants to be a decentralised gaming ecosystem that gives players back the control they deserve
Bubble Gum currently has three games planned, one of which is about to enter beta status and the remaining two are in development

2) In your opinion, will the chain game become a relatively independent industrial ecology in the future, and will GameFi be a heavy hitter in the second half of DeFi?

Ans:DeFi is the new trend since 2020, GameFi refers to the "gamification finance concept" under the fusion of DeFi+NFT+Game, a new gamification business model, some analysts believe that NFT introduces a differentiated asset for DeFi based on scarcity, while DeFi likewise gives NFT a commoditised value through a financial approach. A number of projects that promote the cross-border application of DeFI, especially in combination with the NFT sector, are already showing great potential.

According to publicly available data, the overall NFT market reached $754 million in Q2 2021, up 48% from the previous quarter, with over 130,000 transactions. As NFT itself is a token with strong asset properties, it is a good solution to the liquidity problem of, for example, artistic assets, and people can use NFT to achieve lending on the chain and solve credit and depository issues with the decentralised nature of DeFi. It is widely believed that Gamefi, a combination of NFT and DeFi, will likely be the next major innovation in NFT. There are already many GameFi games and more professional "gold" teams, which is a sign that GameFi is well accepted in the market.

3) Why did your team decide to create BubbleGum, and what was the motivation behind it?

Ans:For me personally, I've been a cryptocurrency investor for 6 years and the bitterness I felt from the many bad projects in 2018 that made $30 million based on just an empty whitepaper, as they went about exploiting this amazing new technology in a deceptive way. I remember when people started to doubt blockchain and after reading a fair amount of whitepapers, I knew I had to do my part and come up with something to use it to its potential, just as it was supposed to be used, to create an economic ecosystem around it and to enhance its decentralisation.

At the same time I loved those Discovery channels and it struck me to see where people had found gold. So I thought, why don’t I make a game where people can go back to the time of the dinosaurs, where rivers might be paved with gold? Yes, that was an idea I had while playing the game, but slowly, after putting everything down on paper, I realised that the game would still control too much, which would make the player think we could control their destiny at the touch of a button. That’s why I changed the point in time of the game to have players in the other camp as well. 2021 I worked on planning and testing different content and in 2021 we got a lot done and now we are finally presenting something that makes sense.

4) please tell us about BubbleGum’s upcoming games, we are all very excited about them!

Ans:A village in the distant forest of Haba

The kind-hearted villagers are born with a magical ability: the creation of magical water bubbles. They use the blisters to hunt or gather gems from the mines to make a living. The children of the village also grew up playing with the blisters and dreaming of becoming great hunters and miners when they grew up.

But one day disaster struck the peaceful village when the pirate captain and his men took the jewels and imprisoned the adults in a faraway place.

The children who were hidden by the adults were spared. They are determined to use their magical blisters to save their loved ones and reclaim the stolen gems.

The 'prop system' is an important part of the Bubble Gum game; props are divided into functional, equipment, decoration and perks categories.

Functionality (functional class)
Most of the functional props will appear in the process of the game, and the functional props appearing in different modes and different maps are different , all of them are generated by the map and mode of play (one-time props), and some of the functional props need to be purchased through the mall.

Equipment (Equipment category)
This category is divided into "blister props", "character dress up", "expression props", "special effect props".

Decoration category
There are "background decoration", "entry effect decoration", "account effect decoration", "medal effect decoration", "camouflage effect decoration", "segment effect decoration", such props can generally only be purchased in the mall. decoration", "segment effect decoration", such props can generally only be purchased in the mall.

Privilege category
This kind of props can only be purchased from the game store, privilege props such as "super room master" cards.

Bubble Hero introduces the "Enhancement System", which allows players to enhance their weapons and defences with green and yellow gems obtained during the game to improve the properties of their equipment. "The maximum level of the system is 7, and it is possible to destroy or reduce the level of the system for equipment above level 6.

The gameplay is simply as follows
Players can register for the tournament with BEGM and have a chance to win a blind box of NFT props.
And the tickets paid by players will be automatically added to the prize pool. If someone wins, he/she takes 95% of the prize pool and the official takes 5% of the commission.

5) How is our BubbleGum token economic model designed? How do users participate if they want to get our token BEGM?

Ans:BEGM is a native token in the Bubble Gum game ecosystem, providing a convenient payment and settlement model between participants in the Bubble Gum ecosystem, BEGM can be used to make in-game payments, purchase props and game rewards, etc.

Players can register for the tournament with BEGM and have a chance to win a blind box of NFT props.
And the tickets paid by players will be automatically added to the prize pool. If someone wins, he/she takes 95% of the prize pool and the official takes 5% of the commission.

6) The security of the chain tour should not be underestimated, there are many cases of hacking damage to the game smart contract, how does BubbleGum prevent hacking?

Ans:For us, security is a higher priority than smooth and decentralised experience, and we need to find a balance in the middle. Our strategy is a cold wallet for prize pool assets, and on-chain multi-signature + centralised double verification for security.

7) What is BubbleGum’s development path and what are the recent official plans?

Ans:Currently Bubble Gum has planned three Games, one of which is about to enter the test state, and the other two are under development

BubbleGum V1
Website and Social Media Channels Launch
Marketing & Partnership with Influencers
Contract Audit AUDITRATETECH && CERTIK(Coming soon)
Start Presale Competition
Pinksale Presale
Pancakeswap Launch
DEXTools Top10 Trending && DEXTools Ads
3.000 Holders
Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko & Blockfolio Listing
White Paper Release
Marketing on Telegram Communities
Top 10 Trending on CoinmarketCap

BubbleGum V2
Release Bubble Gum Game Preview
10,000 Holders
Big Marketing Campaign
Launch Mini Demo Play2Earn Game
More Tier 1 & 2 Exchange Listings
Mobile App With Wallet
Officially Launch Game Bubble Gum

BubbleGum V3

Marketing ramp-up

25,000 Telegram members

20K $BEGM Holders


Listing on Major Exchanges

More coming soon



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