Crypto Wizards AMA With Bubble Gum

Guest: Mate

1) Can you describe what BubbleGum is?

2) In your opinion, will the chain game become a relatively independent industrial ecology in the future, and will GameFi be a heavy hitter in the second half of DeFi?

3) Why did your team decide to create BubbleGum, and what was the motivation behind it?

4) please tell us about BubbleGum’s upcoming games, we are all very excited about them!

5) How is our BubbleGum token economic model designed? How do users participate if they want to get our token BEGM?

6) The security of the chain tour should not be underestimated, there are many cases of hacking damage to the game smart contract, how does BubbleGum prevent hacking?

7) What is BubbleGum’s development path and what are the recent official plans?



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