Crypto Wizards AMA With DCTDAO

Guests:Chris, Marketing Director of DCTDAO


Q1. Can you briefly introduce DCTDAO to the community?

Ans:DCTDAO is a quantum resistant crosschain DEX providing the following:

1. Easy access & cross-chain technologies (users do not need to leave their blockchain

ecosystem of choice to access assets in other blockchain ecosystems. For instance Ethereum

users do not need to leave the Ethereum ecosystem in order to access Fantom or BSC assets)

2. Superior security (we are building a quantum resistant DEX providing superior cybersecurity

elements compared to standard DEXes)

3. Low gas fees (DCTDAO gas fees are lower by orders of magnitude when compared to

standard DEXes)

4. A comprehensive trading experience (DCTDAO is much more than just a swap, it is a

comprehensive trading ecosystem with dex-tools, leverage and margin trading, data services

and more)

In a nutshell, DCTDAO is a great fit for any DEX user or traders.

Q2. What is DCTDAO plans for this year ?

Ans: At the moment we already have DCTDEX V.0.1 Beta ready, which runs on Avalanche

blockchain and has gas-less and multichain features. We are constantly improving the platform

with token listings, features and a more user friendly interface, until the launch of the full version

by the end of the year followed by marketing blitz every week that the community can follow on

all of our channels.

Q3. We heard that DCTDAO has launched the famous $2 Decentralize Bridge for crossing

tokens from Ethereum to Avalanche. Can you explain to our community what that is?

Ans: Absolutely!

As we all know, Ethereum gas prices are just not ideal for traders, both casual or professional to

swap or scalp in Ethereum based Decentralized Exchanges. Most of the time it costs hundreds

of dollars to swap tokens, eating away at the profits that the trader hopes to achieve.

That is why DCTDEX exists, to enable traders to trade in a gas-less environment on various

alternative blockchains. Right now, our first pick is on Avalanche. Users can swap any amount

with very cheap gas that only costs a fraction of a dollar in AVAX.

But to do that, first users will have to bridge their token from Ethereum to Avalanche, and so far,

the other decentralized bridges out there cost tens if not hundreds of dollars to bridge from ETH

to Avalanche discouraging casual traders from ever getting into the ecosystem. Now we offer

our $2 bridge to cater for every type of trader, big or small, hodler or trader to start swapping on

the Avalanche blockchain!

Learn more about it on


4)We also heard that there’s a giveaway ongoing to celebrate the launch of the bridge,
how can our users participate in this promotion?

Ans:Yes, in fact we have 3 promotion going on with lucrative prizes!

First we got $1000 LP Token Airdrop, which you can win by simply vote for your favorite project

and tweet about it using this link below :

a-edition-1 , don’t forget to check the detail of the campaign here first :


Then we have Avalanche NFT Giveaway for our newest mascot, Quantro! Simply do the task on

the link below to stand a chance to win the first concept art of Quantro :


Last but not least, to celebrate our listing on ledger, DCTDAO is having a guaranteed win prize

of Ledger Nano S for 12 people within this 3 months who provide liquidity on ETH/DWETH pair

on DCTDEX and lock it on Here’s the detail for that campaign :


Stay tuned on to get the first info and weekly calendar on DCTDAO’s

activity every start of the week!

5.We saw DCTDAO being the talking point of famous youtubers before, do you mind
sharing with our community who they are?

Ans: Of course, we are fortunate enough to have them reviewing DCTDAO, there has been 2 major influencers that has reviewed DCTDAO and one incoming.

First one is Crypto Wendy Os, As describe on her 154k twitter account, she’s a Crypto Event Host, Bitcoin and Defi Swing Trader and Host of The_O_Show. She reviewed DCTDAO on her channel last week which you can have a look here :

This week we have Satoshi Stacker, a major influencer with a huge audience on twitter, youtube and more! Check out what he has to say about DCTDAO here

We have also another major influencer scheduled for review this week or early next week, VoskCoin. A major influencer in cryptoverse, miner and reviewer with hundreds of thousands of followers online. Anticipate for his review on DCTDAO on his channel

Twitter Segment

Q1 : @selvachirpiga
What are our plans for surviving in the BEAR market if we are in the BEAR market? Surviving
in a bear market is difficult for a new crypto project. Do you have any plans for this?

Ans:We can’t really comment on price action as it’s largely affected by external factors, although regardless of the market situation, we keep on building, so during the past few months we are focusing on development now we are also intensifying our marketing with marketing blitz effort with influencers, promo campaign, and contents every week that we announce with marketing calendar on the beginning of every week.
Hopefully this effort will strike the balance between development and marketing regardless of the marketing situation.

Q2 : @truongtran0305
Security is the most important, thing to consider want starting, up a project how secured, is
this project for users?

Ans:First of all, our DEX is decentralized, all transaction goes directly from user wallets to the pools, we are not handling user funds in this sense.

Then secondly, the general security of our DEX has been tested and audited by Third Party security company Quillhash. DCTDAO has completed this audit succesfully, check out their report here

And lastly, DCTDAO is made by DECENT, and DECENT and partners are expert on Quantum Security. Hence we are committed to soon be able to quantum proofing our DEX as we promised as an ultimate security safeguards against future hack attempts

Q3 : @MdShoha53889140
A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger
partners. So how #dctdao planning to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit
people with Blockchain experience to the #dctdao team?

Ans: About community, yes we do have engaging promo literally every week to not only engage our already established community but also to expand our reach and gain more followings. Like I mentioned above, we have new coin listing promo, ledger nano giveaway promo, NFT giveaway, Yield Farming and that’s only this 2 weeks! We will have much more on coming weeks

About recruitment, if you have experience in blockchain engineering or know someone that do. Dm me your CV!

Q4 : @Greyhair_08
I noticed that you presently offer a DEX with specialized capabilities for ERC-20, but do you
plan to include the opportunity to interact with other networks among your services? For
instance, take BSC and PolkaDot.

Ans: Sure, we are planning to be the most interconnected DEX there is! So more bridges development is always on the table. Currently we already connecting Ethereum to Avalanche with our $2 bridge, if you have a suggestion on which blockchain that you wish to see DCTDAO to connect next, come visit us on and let us know your thought!

Q5 :
Is your project a local project or a global project? Can anyone use your services from
anywhere in the world? Is there any restrictions of using your service?

Ans:DCTDAO is a global project, you can connect to us anywhere in the world as long as you have access to and your crypto wallet like metamask. If you can’t, just use VPN 😃

And we are decentralize, so no need to sign up or give us your personal data when you do the swap on our DEX

Live Q&A

1.Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Ans: Right of the bat, you can check anything related to $DCTD our native token on the following links :

DEXTools :
CoinmarketCap :
Coingecko :

You can purchase DCTD on our DEX at using avalanche network for gas-less transaction, or in Uniswap and Bilaxy if you are on Ethereum.

our token is a governance token with various use cases that will be introduced on the near future!
For now you can use it to add liquidity on for various pairs and stake the LP token for yield farming here : and earn good APY with details that can be found here

and also more avalanche based project will be paired exclusively with DCTD so it's another short term use cases that is already available now.

2.On your website you say that you offer “almost zero gas tariffs”, in terms of usability and quality. Does this contribute to make your services optimal and sustainable in the long term? Do you plan to have zero gas tariffs in the future?

Ans: Yes we are gas-less by leveraging blockchains like Avalanche to enable this feature instead of gas-guzzling Ethereum and we will always keep it this way. We are sustaining ourself by providing liquidity to the pools and also getting some fee from users that bridge from Ethereum to Avalanche and vice versa.

You can also earn from providing liquidity to the pools as well, right now you can earn 0.3% swapping fee for providing liquidity on for any pairs that are in there i.e DCTD/AVAX, DCTD/DUSDT, DCTD/TOK, DCTD/VSO etc

3.Can you list 1-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Ans:1. Gas-less, decentralize and fast swapping on which is a much better alternative against Eth fee on Eth based DEX
2. Crosschain bridge, which for now enable user from Ethereum to bridge to Avalanche affordably and with ease with more blockchain to be connected in near future
3. Quantum proof, not only that DCTDAO is highly secure to threat that exist now, but we are future proofing from threat that will exist in the next 5-10 years with expertise of quantum security by our creator DECENT and partners.

4.STAKING is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD USERS. Does your GREAT PLATFORM have plan about Staking?

Ans:We do have various staking and locking campaign going on already,
First we have Ledger Nano S Giveaway for user that provide liquidity for ETH/DWETH pair which you can check here :

Then we have ongoing yield farming for LP tokens that you can participate by reading the details on how to do it here :

Single asset staking is also a work in progress, which user can stake DCTD on its own in the near future! Stay tuned on our channels below so you will stay updated :

🐦 Twitter:
📖 Medium:
📲 Telegram :
📲 Telegram Price Discussion :
📲 Telegram Announcements:
👾 Discord :

5.About your ecosystem, can you tell me what security system do you have to guarantee privacy and protection to your users?

Ans:Yes, we do not collect user personal data, no sign up needed and all transaction is between user’s controlled wallet and the pool or the bridge.
Your dog can even swap using and we don’t even know or need to know 😂




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