Crypto Wizards AMA With Gravity The Studio

Guest: Email Shahaj


Q1) Can you give a brief explanation about 'Gravity The Studio' .What popped up in your mind to create such a platform in This Space?

Ans:Yeah! Growing up I loved MMOGs and formed communities with friends I only knew online. In my Masters I studied these kinds of friendships and became fascinated with online identities. That Masters was in fashion, so the result was creating clothing which only exists online. Blockchain is the perfect solution to digital ownership, so we built it all as NFTs

I loved the wild west of the early 2000’s Internet and how decentralized metaverses bring that back, but without the ability for the creators to randomly take down the platform or sell it to some big corporation.

Gravity the Studio is an ode to artsy nerds, expressed through art fashion, really. We create dramatic unisex, mens, and womens wear with an east-meets-west interpretation of a digital utopia, and drop roughly 4-6 new pieces every month.

Q2) So what are your main features and advantages that discern you from other projects?

Ans:Besides our fashion style being pretty unique (every design is the brainchild of my colleague and I, she’s Chinese and I’m American), the virtual fashion space is really new. Its merge with NFTs and blockchain is fresh territory.

Beyond NFTs that just serve as art or a profile pic, ours are wearable in metaverses and in social media photos: Basically, wherever you spend your time across the Internet, we want your digital clothes to follow you.

So we nailed the technology of creating realistic clothes in 3D, and even modeling them on a 2D photo of someone to look photorealistic.

We’re working with several early decentralized metaverses (as well as the more developed ones) to encourage interoperability of wearables. We think it’s crucial for this space that users can move their NFT assets between worlds. So everything from our first collection (available now) will be compatible with every virtual space we can get our hands on.

Open source filetypes are huge for this, which is what we’re evangelizing to metaverses builders.

Q3) How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

Ans:The team in any project is crucial.

Me, I used to work for ad agencies in the US, strategizing and designing digital retail ad campaigns for global brands. This sometimes involved creating 3D games for promotions. Super useful, also soul-sucking. On the side I was winning awards in fashion design, so I dropped it to study fashion print design in the UK. I coded artificial lifeforms to design my project for me, which required me to learn 3D fabrics as well.

Julia is my co-founder from over in Moscow, who brings the technical blockchain expertise. She’s won 22 hackathons to date. Fittingly, she and I met online haha.

The third founding member is Serena, who’s a brilliant creative from China and brings the fashion business management expertise.

The rest of our tech team is all with Julia in Russia, she worked with them on previous projects.

It’s a pretty impressively global endeavor. I’d like to thank Zoom and Google Translate.

4)Now share about the security on your platform, How do you keep your platform safe for Users ?

Ans:Right now we mint on Opensea’s smart contract, because it does everything we currently need it to. Obviously it’s well-known and thoroughly audited.

We will eventually be creating our own smart contract, however, and it will be fully audited. It’s absolutely critical- people are brilliant at exploiting smart contract loopholes and I’d rather not make the news for being victim of that.

5) So how long did it take to develop this project? What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from Gravity The Studio? If possible could you please share road map with us.

Ans:Our web domain name was bought 1 year ago today, if that’s an indicator. We went through a lot of re-do’s as more clever people joined the team.

But it makes us way more confident in where we’re at. We’re not popping out of nowhere- we’ve truly iterated for the better and are only recently confident enough about what we’re putting out to be moving forward.

We want to change how people experience fashion online. Rather than walled gardens of “yeah you can wear your cool wearable on our game and nowhere else” we want everyone to rethink the possibilities of how we move items between worlds. Why should we have to reinvent our avatar/character everywhere we log in?

We’re launching our first *official* collaborated collection with the DaTang metaverse over in China as of the end of December, and otherwise testing our existing designs for compatibility with different game environments.

We’re building some AR and VR retail experiences in OVR and some of our partner metaverses, because that’s just cool.

And our collabs have been getting bigger and bigger over on the Instagram side of things.

Twitter Segment:

1) How does #GTS make Dresses truly Limited and what if there are similar dresses circulating / plagiarism with what the user bought, how does #GTS guarantee the user?

Ans:The low edition counts of our NFTs and never re-releasing designs keeps them scarce. If we are going to even release different colors or prints, we do it all in the same drop so everyone is fully aware of its rarity.

As for plagiarism we’re working with our metaverse partners to keep checks on user-generated wearables coming onto their platform (Decentraland already does this, for reference).

And we thoroughly document our creative processes (mountains of paper sketches...) so we’re legally protected by copyright laws.

Of course both the fashion and NFT worlds are pretty battered by fake copies, but we’re planning in advance to mitigate.

2)Is your project recommended by an existing big project or influencer or do you even have a great partner who fully supports this project?

Ans:Yep! Aside from being members of ArtSect (an NFT art collective) and the Future Fashion Factory, we’re super honored to have been accepted to the most recent cohort at Outlier Ventures (a VC group focused on blockchain metaverse projects). We also just took first place at the TDeFi Bizthon.

We’re also contracted partners with Vault Hill, the DaTang metaverse over in China, XR Couture, and The Fashion Parade just featured our promo reel on the largest billboard in Singapore last weekend.

We have good relationships with several influencers over on Instagram who we dress up in our digital clothes. That’s a lot of fun.

3)While you build your project?? do you take into account community feedbacks and demands.?While you build your project?. do you take into account community feedbacks and demands.??

Ans:But totally. We build our business entirely around conversations with users. As I mentioned, we’ve been working on this for over a year. We’ve actually shifted our entire business direction several times based on feedback. If you aren’t building something that people want, what are you even doing? We don’t want to be led from the top-down, that’s what makes virtual fashion and its communities more powerful than traditional brand.

4)Many projects just want to talk about "long-term vision and mission" but what are your short-term goals? What are you focusing on right now?

Ans:We’re currently focused on community building, first and foremost, which is why we’re participating in events like this with Crypto Wizards.

We’re also developing partnerships with more metaverses to make sure our pieces are compatible, and basically evangelizing the importance of fashion as a form of self-expression, if metaverse founders want to be successful. A lot of 3D folks overlook fashion but it’s really important even in digital spaces, because people want to express themselves (or some idea of themselves).

Thirdly we’re always developing new designs. We’ve got a more wintery collection in the works.

5)There are energetic crypto communities in many non-English speaking countries, what benefits does your project offer/plan to offer for local communities?

Ans:There were a few questions about non-English speakers and I really appreciated it.

Our founding team speaks 5 different languages and comes from around the world. Our partnerships and collaborations bring us even further.

Each new person we work with gives us the opportunity to better know the people from a new part of the world, which we’ve really worked with to our advantage.

The internet is global, but its people are local. We want to actively represent different languages and cultures rather than assuming English and western-centrism as the norm.

Basically it’s a big priority of ours and at the forefront of our minds as our team grows, yes.

Free Ask:

1) COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?

Ans:Hi Hulk ✌️ COVID really accelerated virtual fashion and people’s comfortability with interactions in digital spaces. Like, video meetings exploded. People nowadays are a lot more familiar with expressing themselves through virtual identities. So for us it has been a booster, for better or worse.

2) Will #GTS serve globally? If yes, how will you manage a multilingual and, more importantly, multicultural platform?

Ans:Hi CALVIN 1. Our project does serve globally. Since our team is fluent in Russian and Chinese, we’re already operating channels in these languages, for example. In the near-term we want to add global translation and fiat currency acceptance to our platform. We work actively in the Chinese market for example, and having team members who are Chinese have allowed us to design collections specifically for Chinese holidays and with those cultural awarenesses. We want to expand upon this. Specifically, Southeast Asia and Dubai are next on our list.

3) A theory and awareness is needed for every project in the market!
Do you support it?

Ans:Hi ISRAK 56! Totally. You can’t drop a project out of nowhere, with no awareness or reason, and expect anyone to be interested. We’re super involved in the NFT and metaverse communities, as well as the fashion industry and those related theories.

4) As we know that every project needs so much funds to survive in this competitive market. So how you planned for raise funds for your project ?

Ans:Hi Aleena! I like your profile pic fashion. ✨ Startup funds are crucial. We’re raising through NFT sales, of course, but on a bigger scale we’re already raising investment from metaverse-focused VC’s to build our team.

5) What I see now is only women’s clothing, will Gravity The Studio also release fashion for men? with various models of casual, classic, retro, etc.??

Ans:Hi Dasendria! Yes- we kind of overdid ourselves on women’s clothing in our first collection, but we do have a few unisex/menswear items for sale. The first collection was also focused on this pearly renaissance look. Our future drops will have more for men, and our next drop will be quite stylistically different.




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