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Q1) Please introduce yourself and project

Ans:I am Cherry K - CMO of KingSpeed. I have more than 8 years of experience in the field of business, marketing & communication, experienced in organizing many large and small events. Our KingSpeed team also has a lot of faces with many years of experience in the field of blockchain, game & design. We all want to bring the best quality product to the community.

KingSpeed - Virtual NFT Car Racing Universe! KingSpeed is a complete NFT car racing ecosystem where you can FREE to participate in car races, build your own NFT land track , and make a profit while playing it.

Q2) Please share a brief KingSpeed project timeline?

Ans:The most exciting milestone that we are approaching now: We happy to worked with some big backers in October already like Kyber Network, Basics Capital, Maven Capital .... Then, we plan to have IDO in the end of this November. Detail about IDO will be announce soon in our communities. After that we will list Kingspeed token (KSC) on Pancakeswap & release the first NFT cars as well.

Q3) Could you share with us what problems would KingSpeed solve?

Ans:Yes, of course. Kingspeed is a racing game that allows users to:
- Own collectibles: own cars, car parts, characters, race tracks as NFTs. Each NFT has NFT floor price to make better liquidity
- Play to earn model : this model will help users able to earn money while playing the game
- Stake and vote to govern Kingspeed: Users can stake their KSC tokens to earn rewards and have the power to vote in game development decisions.
- We combine both Free-to-play and Play-to-earn models to our gaming system.
Each user will be able to claim 1 free common car to start playing the game.

4) What is the total supply of KingSpeed? What is the expect price during the public sale?

Ans:The token of KingSpeed is KSC. Our total supply is 200 million KSC. KingSpeed valued itself with $10 million in public sale, which means the public price is expected to be $0.05

Q5) What are the gameplays of KingSpeed?

Ans:Well, we currently have 4 gameplays of our game:
- Daily quests: The game will provide daily quests for the players (select randomly in a pool of prepared quests; Each daily quest will need a different number of mini quests to finish and provide various reward accordingly;
- Time trial: Players can race daily and the game will store their highest performance race. The score will be compared between the players
The top highest ranked players will be awarded accordingly.
The result also impact the leaderboard
- Multiplayer race:
Players will race against each other in the race track
Maximumly 8* player can compete at the same time
During these races, cars can collide with each other by using special items given by the game every 20* seconds. However, it will not result in any serious damage. For the earlier build, there will be no collision.
- 1-1 race: Players can arrange a 1-1 race against their friend or other players in the same group. The race is accepted when another player joins. Both players need to deposit the same amount of token.
When the race ends, the player with better performance will win all of the token

Twitter Segment:

1) Many projects like to talk about their "long term vision and mission," but what are their short-term goals? What are you concentrating on right now?

Ans:Our short terms objectives:

+Build and growth up community global & local communities
+IDO at the end of this month on 30th Nov. & 2nd DEC
+Release beta game next month
+Release NFT cars, Staking System
+Partners with other success projects like Wanaka Farm, Faraland, PlanetSandbox ...

Right now we are preparing up for the very important IDO event on 30th Nov & 2nd Dec. There’s a lot of work to do

We are building community and perfecting the product and welcome users to join our airdrop program.

You can join it:

2) Do you have a whitepaper? if yes please share it with us and secondly are you working to AUDIT your project, to make its security more secure and reliable?

Ans:Yes, for whitepaper, please visit:
Absolutely, we need to audit our tokens contract, staking contracts, NFT contracts, .... So dont worry, we work with repuate partner to audit it 😊

3)Currently, NFT has created a lot of hype in the crypto market. Do you have an NFT plan and its integration on the roadmap? Do you also have any passive income options and incentive rewards for long term holders?

Ans:Yes, in Kingspeed we intergrate with NFTs already. We have NFT cars, NFT race tracks and NFT characters .
To get passive income, users can stake tokens, or rent their collections
we also use part of revenue to buy back tokens.
So we believe that will be incentive rewards for long terms holders

4) Marketing is a critical component of every project, since it ensures that everyone is aware of the project's potential and that the objectives are met. What is your long-term strategy for attracting new users and investors to your platform?

Ans:This is a big one for us. I can’t share it all with you right now. But I will give some of the main strategies:
1. We have free to play to on board more user
2. We plan to partnership with successful projects like Wanaka, Planet Sandbox, Faraland, Mech Master ... to onboard new users from their community
3. AMA on local communities
4. Work with more KOLs/ streamers in local communities

5) Game King Speed is a very cool Virtual NFT Car Racing Universe, Where can I play it on PC, Mobile, Web? And what are the minimum device requirements to be able to play it??

Ans:We are developing our project to satisfy users in 2 main platforms including web game and mobile game. Therefore, PlayStore and AppStore will be good options to distribute the game to mobile players.
At the moment, you can try our demo game on the website via this link: The website version will be release first.

Any laptop can now run the
Later, when the game develops with excellent graphics, of course this requires high-configuration devices for the smoothest user experience.

Live Q&A:

Q1: So it’s a play to earn game . Do we need to invest anything in the beginning to start playing this game? Which category of players or gamers are you targeting?

Ans:Everyone will be able to claim 1 FREE common NFT cars. So, I can say users dont need to invest to start playing the game
We target to crypto users first, then traditional gamers.

If you have money to invest NFT it is very good. If not, you can still join our game to earn money

Q2: Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ? @HansikaM

Ans:Sure, my friend. We design to make it available with everyone ( of course you should greater than or equal to 18)
It very easy to start, play and enjoin it. Let try our demo to see:

We have a team to support you whether you are a newbie or a professional player. Don’t worry about it, we are always here to guide you 😊

Q3: How do I buy these tokens? Is it available in any exchange? @@joshua_4047

Ans:We are not list Kingspeed tokens now, so u will not able to buy.
We will have our first IDO in 30th Nov. We plan to list Pancakeswap in 2nd Dec. After listing Pancakeswap, u will able to buy it.

Q4: Which one of the most important for you?

Ans:1. Building Community Trust (very important)
2.Empowering Platform Development
3.Increasing Token Price & Value.
4.Expanding Partnership Globally

Q5: What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year? @Jesssin12

Ans:This year, we will prioritize preparing for private sale and IDO, web game launch and NFT car release.
Our plan next year is to launch the prediction system, renting system, launch mobile version and DAO platform. Wow, so many important things to do.



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