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Ans:Well, OneTo11 is World’s first blockchain gaming Ecosystem. I know it sounds complicated but it is a collection of gaming apps each with multiple games based on the Play-To-Earn model which makes our P2E gaming ecosystem different from any other P2E Games as we have games in Fantasy Sports, Educational Games, Casual Games & RPG -NFT market place

We have used the excellence of blockchain technology to create a possibility of consistent income via gaming, our game features, interactive capability, and economics everything is conceived and developed with a single goal in mind, How to provide real monetary returns for gamers for their time and skills invested in the game.

Ans:Ohh I love answering this question. So as I told you earlier we don’t have just one game, rather we have multiple applications and each one of them has multiple games. We have a fantasy sports app, casual gaming app, gamified learning app, and RPG metaverse gaming app. Each of these apps is meant to attract a different gamer persona because let me tell you not all gamers are the same. So we have the games to cover the biggest gaming demographics on the planet.

Next, we have a unified wallet which is common to all our gaming apps. It allows people to earn money from one game and take it to another when they want to explore a new game or want to play multiple games and earn money from multiple avenues on OneTo11.

Lastly, our RPG games have an NFT creation feature that allows gamers to use their time in developing NFTs on the game and sell them for exponential profits. 👍

We have also created an NFT marketplace as part of the ecosystem to facilitate easy and low fee NFT trading for gamers not just on our ecosystem but anyone on the planet can use the marketplace to showcase, appraise and sell their NFTs.

Ans:Sure. The fantasy sports app allows gamers to create their own fantasy sports team and compete against other gamers based on the performance of the team. And the casual gaming app has multiple games like Ludo, fruit slice which require just 2-5 minute gameplay. People who just play games to kill time can now earn money by just doing that on OneTo11.

And finally, the RPG metaverse games namely CricketX and EvolutionX allow gamers to develop their NFT characters, compete in competitions, and own parts of the game to earn passive income.All you need to do for playing the games is to download our apps, register, and start playing. We also have a lifetime affiliate rewards program so that you can get rewarded for referring your friends and family members to OneTo11.All you need to do for playing the games is to download our apps, register, and start playing. We also have a lifetime affiliate rewards program so that you can get rewarded for referring your friends and family members to OneTo11.There are some basic requirements for system suitability but most of our games can be played on any smartphone. Although people joining early or buying our token during the early stage will definitely have an advantage like special access to discounts and in-game privileges.

Ans:Our founding team consists of serial entrepreneurs. Each with amazing expertise in their own domain. Ravindra Kumar - Our CEO and Tirath Sharma our CTO founded and scaled multiple projects like OneAD together that ranked number 1 on Google Play. Also our CMO - Manasvi Singh and I as COO founded projects like Buddy4Study which is India’s largest scholarship platform

So our experience of founding and scaling projects was really valuable in eliminating common initial challenges in a new project and also in ensuring that we have a futuristic vision for scaling the project with organic growth.

Some Recent Stats (Traction in past 12 months since inception):

Users: 1.3M+ transactional users

Daily active users: 75K+

Monthly active users: 500K+

Events: 800K+ daily events

Average time spent on our platform: Today is 16 minutes (Generally in the average range of 15-30 minutes).

Our growth has been entirely organic through product & process innovation.

Ans:The project took 1.5 years of development and we are continuously expanding our games portfolio, game features, and geographical markets.

In the next phase, we are adding sports like football, baseball, rugby, etc to our fantasy sports app, adding more games to the casual games app, and expanding to markets in Asia, Europe, North and South America. Developing countries are a primary target as people there now have good internet connectivity and need a stable source of income for the younger population.

By 2024 we plan to present in most countries with good internet connectivity and acquire 30 million users that want to earn a stable income via gaming.

Twitter Segment:

By @Stephin63346024

Ans:Actually, we just rebranded our Tagline to 'Play Together, Earn together’. The reason for that is that we are expanding globally to accommodate gamers from all over the world. We started in India but our games and brand are already starting to attract a global audience. We are just navigation the necessary compliances to expand to new countries.

We want our gamers/community to make more money than the platform itself.

By @hgiaphatt

Ans:Gameplay and user experience are necessary objectives of our development strategy. That’s we are releasing our games in a phased manner to ensure proper testing and beta releases come back with a positive response. We have grown organically to 1.3 million users I think that is evidence enough of the user experience we are delivering.

By @Ivankosh4

Ans:The 6.5 years is a conservative estimate. We have internal targets set at 48 months. We also need to ensure the community’s protocols are working properly and are safe from any tampering and brute force cyber attacks before we allow the gamers to completely take over the command of the ecosystem.

By @Loveyoucrypto2

Ans:The market is cutthroat but we are confident in our vision and ability to make that vision come to life.

Our gaming community has grown faster and bigger than our own expectations.

By @Ivankosh4

Ans:The in-game tokens are deployed to keep the transaction costs low, they are burned after their in-game utility is complete.

There is no specific ratio as 1TO11 token comes with a definite supply and in-game tokens CricX and EvoX have an indefinite supply with an automated burn mechanism.

Live Q&A:

Ans:Already shared the details
A team serial entrepreneurs with complementary skill sets

Ans:Good question
We are creating an ecosystem of games that will have easy casual games to complicated RPG games.
People from 18 years to 70 years will have games as per their interest. Which makes our platform unique

3) Could you tell us about your future plans like
Are you planning to expand into the foreign markets in the near future?

Ans:Yes we are targeting all the developing nations. Like South America, Asia, Africa. We want to create employment through our games

Ans:If we ensure security and build a great product (gaming experience), eventually, everything else falls in place

Ans:Follow our social media channels you will receive all the updates. Expected IDO mid of December

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