Crypto Wizards AMA With PlatON



Q1)Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as PlatON?

Ans:Let’s get started. I am StaliiX, the Community Ambassador of PlatON, the privacy-preserving AI Network.

Speaking of our project, PlatON, initiated and driven by the LatticeX Foundation, is a next-generation Internet infrastructure protocol based on the fundamental properties of blockchain and supported by the privacy-preserving computation network.“Computing interoperability” is its core feature. By building a computing system assembled by Verifiable Computation, Secure Multi-Party Computation, Zero-Knowledge Proof, Homomorphic Encryption and other cryptographic algorithms and blockchain technology.PlatON provides a public infrastructure in open source architecture for global artificial intelligence, distributed application developers, data providers and various organizations, communities and individuals with computing needs.And this is the official introduction of PlatON, I don’t want you to miss any details. but i guess we all know, PlatON is far more than this, it empowers AI, provides comprehensive privacy protection and secures the ownership rights of data, shares algorithmic models with defined computation logic, and can trade computing power.

It is not only for developers or practitioners who want to develop their gate to METAVERSE, but also for individuals to enjoy the convenience and security of blockchain in a user-friendly way.

Q2) What strengths does PlatON have to compete with competitors?

Ans:I think the most exciting achievement that PlatON aims for is to construct a trusted computation network.

PlatON uses modern cryptographic algorithms. These include but are not limited to Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP), Verifiable Computation (VC), Homomorphic Encryption (HE), Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC), and Secret Sharing (SS).For implementation of computational capacity expansion schemes for non-interactive proofs.This brings PlatON some unique features, which we think are excellent, like:
The PlatON Verifiable Computation (VC) cryptographic algorithm passes the trust issue out off the chain.With Verifiable Computation, contract only needs to be computed once off-chain, then all validators can quickly verify the authentication of the computation, which improves transaction processing performance, while at the same time,enabling PlatON to support Trustless computation for complex contracts.—-Privacy:
PlatON achieves true privacy-preserving computation by integrating Homorphic Encryption (HE) with Secure Multi-Party Computation( MPC).

This protects the privacy input data and computation logic. Trustless computing on PlatON depends solely on the cryptographic assumption of falsifiability, thus providing unprecedented private data security for the lifetime of data, without a trust perimeter.

Q3) What are your significant achievements till now and what are your other plans for this year?

Ans:The most important thing we are focusing on is to complete the privacy-preserving computation network, as we all know, PlatON Mainnet is launched at April, the mainnet support EVM and WASM smart contract, but the lack of privacy contract and verifiable contract is a pity, without these two contract ,community members can not experience the benefit of privacy-preserving computation.

The privacy contract and verifiable contract involves many cryptography, that is not an easy thing. We are keeping developing and testing all the time to make the foundation stronger. Now we have achieved some progress.

We released the demo of the privacy-preserving computation network last month, it’s an instruction about how to use the related function.

Besides, we have updated the mainnet, that’s a critical update since the mainnet has been launched, fixed some bugs and made it more friendly to the community development.

Finally, we’d like to say, the grant application is always open to everyone and will last all the time. Why not have a try?

Q4)Where can the community be more connected with PlatON?like a social media type system, where people can share ideas and project progress suggestions, because we know the power of the community to easily create famous projects?

Ans:First of all, we have international social media channels like Telegram, Twitter, GitHub, to share our progress with communities, which you could choose to join to catch up with latest news. you can follow our social account to catch up on the latest news and progress, we will regularly update the information about our projects, and you can also leave your comments, suggestion. All valuable suggestions will be considered.

Here I list the channels that you can join, and share your significant opinions with us:
Official website:

BTW, this year we did achieve some important milestones, so guys, stay tuned, don't miss out on important news, LOL.
There will be more AMA or GIVEAWAY like this. Anyway, I hope you could join us since we do value the power of community.
Secondly, There are also different kinds of activities like Hackathon and Lumino to encourage excellent ideas and projects in the community. We aim to motivate and facilitate a good PlatON ecosystem, thus, you can join the activities like Hackathon to prove yourself and absorb other good ideas. We value talents and innovations.
Moreover, in support of our vision and mission, the LatticeX Foundation provides a grants program to fund projects that are conducive to the development of the LatticeX ecosystem
The Grant Project is focusing on those aspects as follows:
DApp support、User tools、Interoperability、Privacy-related、Basic characteristics、Security、Cryptography algorithms、Education and community, etc.
you can join as a programmer、writer、activity organizer、translator and so on, there is always a role suitable for you.
For more information,you can visit the official website(as follows),and start your grant.

Q5) Could you give us an overview of the LAT Token? How the token will be distributed and when TGE? Will there be a burn buy-back plan to maintain the supply?

Ans:About LAT.
First of all, LAT fuels and secures PlatON.
When you transfer LAT or use a PlatON application, you need to pay a small LAT as fee, the fee is used to incentivize the node to porcess and verify your transaction.
In the PPOS mechanism, LAT is of great importance to the network. With LAT, one can delegate to validators or become a validator by staking themselves, which helps maintain PlatON network security. Both the validators and delegates can get LAT rewards.

Secondly, LAT acts as a medium of data trading market.
As a payment medium, LAT is used to settle trades in the PlatON market for data and computing power. Participants in the PlatON computation network earn LATs by providing data usage, computing power, and algorithms.
Thirdly, LAT supports the development of PlatON DApp ecology.
PlatON will further support the development of DApps and DeFi and introduce economic coupling designs for DApps and DeFi. For example, DApps can issue their own tokens which must be backed by LAT reserves. PlatON will also support the development of stable coins collateralized by LAT.
The total supply of LAT is 10 billion, and the distribution is listed below:

l 10% will be used to award community developers, dApp developers, and node extensions
l 10% of will be used for academic research, algorithm research and related activities
l 15% for the daily operation and maintenance expenses of the Latticex Foundation
l 20% is allocated to private issuers
l 20% goes to the founding team
l 15% in the reserve pool
l 10% goes to the eco-fund
LAT holders stake more than a certain amount of LAT as a deposit to become Altermative Validator Candidate.
You can also entrust their LAT to Alternative Validator Candidates to obtain benefits in participating in the consensus process, this is known as staking. Compared to LAT total issuance at the end of the previous year, a fixed additional 2.5% issuance per year.




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