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1. Can you Briefly introduce the Project SATOR?

ans: Sure thing. Sator is a multichain dApp that decentralizes typical TV/film model to reward viewers alongside content providers for their respective contributions. Specifically, Sator rewards viewers tokens for watching and engaging with film/tv/music/content. In content-based realms, viewers can also conveniently collect NFTs based on the content they are watching, in addition to chatting with others watching the same content. The entire platform is fueled by the native utility token, Sator (SAO), and Sator is built in Solana and Ethereum. There’s additional bridges in our roadmap next year as well as many NFT-based gamifications and additional content partner activations onto Sator being announced soon. Mainnet launch is around 11/7 and beta has been out for a month which is still available to download at

2. Could you please give a brief intro to the key features of Sator? What are the advantages offered ?

ans: Key features include:
-in-dApp wallet for sending, receiving and staking
-staking levels for increasing rewards
-episodic realms that allow users to socialize while watching the same episode at the same time
-twitch-like chat inside episodic realms
- P2E economy based on proof-of-engagement
-incentives to content providers to decentralize value in return for audience growth
-NFT utilities that include practical uses such as making your NFTs your avatar or using them in chats, plus embedded rights utilities pertaining to the content such as influencing storylines or receiving items from set or cast meet&greets in VR
-wormhole bidirectional bridge to move between erc20 and SPL
-fun games including trivia based on content you are watching that reward you bags of SAO Well said. Some other tools to note:
* Solana-rust-contracts which includes standard data structures and testing tools for Rust and automatic staking in Sator dApp
*Sator in dApp Wallet lets audiences and rights holders alike create streamlined user experiences.
*Wormhole for cross-chain interoperability between SOL and ETH
*Chainlink Keepers and Verified Randomness
*In-App SAO NFT Marketplace
*On-chain rewards system, based on Solana

3. Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? what are the major achievement target Sator yet to achieve . If possible also share your roadmap.


Launching beta little over a month ago was a big milestone that reflected achieving our 2021 roadmap on schedule. You can see 2021 that’s moving along in schedule, and the 2022 roadmap ahead for our team. Sator team consists of 20+ world class engineers and designers who have already built a successful product that has been tested in Beta since September. SAO is currently in whitelist process on DexLab. Sator founders have built successful relationships with content creators in television and streaming worlds, and we continue to build those relationships. Rob Weiss (of Ballers, and Entourage) is a key advisor of Sator, as well as Galia Benartzi of Bancor. Over the coming months, we will continue to develop our decentralized app and add more gamification , VR capability, and host exclusive NFT drops directly from our app in our marketplace

4) Could you share a bit about security and also what benefits you provide to incentives user’s choosing your Platform?

ans: Security is of utmost importance to Sator because we are rewarding users in our dApp, and vital in order to facilitate a positive token economy and app experience for our users. For this reason, we prevent users from opening multiple accounts for rewards and introduce a token lock in our app for security upon mainnet launch. We have a full time QA engineer and Sator is also participating in a big bounty program with HackerOne. Users are naturally incentivized to use our platform because they can earn SAO for engaging with content that they choose. Users are incentivized to stake SAO directly in our app in order to earn rewards multipliers throughout the entire app. The more you stake, the more rewards you have potential to earn In terms of incentives, users are able to “earn crypto watching TV.” Pretty cool incentive. Applies also to music videos, movies and other content—I’m excited that we have non-profits featured on Sator and are able to reward viewers for engaging with good causes that make the world a better place. Then from the content providers perspective, they are incentivized by the simplicity of Sator usability—Sator incentivized then with turnkey audience growth and turnkey NFT solution that removes all friction since viewers can seamlessly watch, earn, socialize, play and collect.

5.Now Share us about your utility token, What are the some of utlities of $SAO Token in Your Ecosystem? And if possible share to us the Tokenomisc of $SAO Token

ans: Total supply: 500,000,000 sao
SAO is a native Solana token with a bidirectional bridge to Ethereum (we use Wormhole bridge) here is a chart you can refer to for more tokenomics information

I believe Dexlab published tokenomics in a medium article this week since the IDO is taking place rn. SAO is the native utility token that is used for:
*Unlocking gamified content realms in Sator application
*Automatic in-dApp staking of SAO tokens gives higher rewards multipliers throughout the platform.
* Used for governance votes to determine community sentiment of content.
*Purchasing exclusive NFTs on Sator’s in app marketplace
*Vote for plot decisions e.g. Romance-a-character NFTs with the embedded right to influence a characters fate
*Streaming rewards: QR code scanning for proof of viewership.
*Interactive rewards from in-dApp challenges in alignment with the Sator proof-of-engagement mechanism.
*Redeem SAO for exclusive content: Behind the scenes, casting, scripts, interviews
*Pay SAO for digital + physical show merchandise and exclusive experiences with our content partners
*Pay in SAO to participate in exclusive VR/AR experiences (Satorverse)

Twitter segment

1.According to what I've read, Sator will prioritize series recommendations to viewers if the provider blocks more $SAO, Will this, however, be their sole criterion for determining whether a series is worth watching or not? What if someone with a lot of money creates bad content?

ans: We are building a superior recommender system that uses emotional based tagging and natural language processing / sentiment analysis to recommed shows to each and every one of our unique, dedicated user base. we will not prioritize certain shows just because they hold more SAO than another. Shows holding more SAO do see benefits in Staking rewards, however. Decentralization is our top priority, and with that being said, it is extemely important to achieve full decentralization. Even among content creators..making it not possible for a show to over shadow other creators. We’ve had this exact question before. Sator activates popular global mainstream tv/film/music/content. Viewers watch what appeals to them and content that some consider bad, others like. It’s up to viewers to curate their experience.

2.Where did the concept for your project come from? Typically, a standard project has a clear pedigree. And where did you find the motivation to accomplish such a magnificent project? What are your plans for the remainder of the year?

ans: Our concept came from extensive research, including taking with television executives, to answer the question “given how blockchain tech has progressed, what ways can it be applied to traditional tv/film/music/content to solve pain points while also decentralizing?” For the remainder of the year, Sator is incorporating our dApp experience into the Metaverse. We are already hosting parties in our AltspaceVR Metaverse where we partnered with NFT Oasis. We are adding a play to earn immersive NFT game to our decentralized app, too. Our goal is to facilitate an interactive content experience for our users, and we are leaders leaders in curating a “participation TV” experience. Our team are very motivated, yes, and part of that is we know Sator brings crypto understanding to even larger audiences. For many TV viewers, Sator may be their first wallet, first time staking, first time buying an NFT. All this is very good for all of us in crypto.

3.Currently a lot of people are looking at NFTs, metaverse, and games. Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field future?

ans: yes!! Sator has a VR metaverse already 😆 We partnered with NFT Oasis, it is a miami penthouse where we throw parties and in the coming months we will incorporate our dApp experience and allow users to engage with content and earn SAO in our metaverse. also, we have already deployed an in-app NFT marketplace directly for content in the Sator app. Sator app mainnet launch is next week Sator competitive advantages include strong inroads with the TV industry to be the core platform for evolving their content into the metaverse. Succinctly advising their NFT utilities and wrapping that in a more immersive experience of their content, Sator becomes their gateway to the metaverse. Sator spends a lot of time meeting with TV broadcasters and distributors around the world. Sator is already building TV partnerships worldwide. Pretty much whatever country you are in, Sator is already in talks with a TV partner there.

4)What plans do you have to grow rapidly in terms of users, global market and partners? What are your strategies in building a big and strong community?

ans: Sator acquires users through comprehensive global marketing efforts. On multiple fronts, Sator user-growth strategy draws users to the platform. First, Sator has engaged numerous marketing agencies with vast reach and ability to generate growth. Second, Sator in-house marketing muscle includes seasoned CMO-level talent overseeing social media, community management and simultaneous contests, community incentives and partnerships announcements. Third, Sator television partners (shows like Ballers) each come with a fan base and megaphone-like ability to drive new users onto Sator. Fourth, Sator builds and leverages mutually beneficial B2B partnerships all of which amplify Sator’s reach when those partners post about Sator; to date, including Refinable, Polygon, Defi11, Mintable, Cudo, ForDearLife (FDL), MIPCOM, NATPE (National Assoc of Television Production Executives)--each of these thoughtfully managed by Sator to create user growth. Fifth, Sator consistently adds partners, grows community and deploys utilities into its platform every week; working relentlessly toward its objectives to decentralize value in the content/television ecosystem.

Sator global marketing plan is extremely strategic, detailed and multi-faceted. We have both in-house marketing and strong agency representation. Sator has 2 global PR agencies, an APAC regional marketing agency, an AmbasSator program for grassroots especially on college campuses, several street teams, dozens of awesome KOLs, produced Sator commercials now airing, an app-store optimization agency that begins next week and live events that both activate content on Sator plus feature Sator on-stage and on-site. Sator also has a fantastic all-star team of investors and advisors around the world who are super active in numerous capacities marketing Sator on a global scale.

5. What are the key milestones on your road map, both those you've already accomplished and those you hope to accomplish in the future? Do you have any partnerships or short/long-term technology achievements you'd like to talk about or highlight?

ans: An exciting future objective in 2022 is that Sator will become Smart TV compatible. To become the first Smart TV platform built with NFTs and a token at its core. (This and others also in the roadmap provided above.)We are proud of our technology partnerships to date with Chainlink, Polygon, Genesis Shards and more, our in-app NFT marketplace is also exciting. As we look into the future I am most excited about adding deep learning incentives to the app as well as building gamification incentives in our Sator realms.

Live Q&A

1 Do you have an AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project to make it more secure and reliable?

ans:The audit is posted on our Instagram

2 SATOR is a Decentralized Application (dApp) built on Ethereum (ERC-20) , Why You decided to build on the ERC-20 Network? Are you planning for Bridge to other Blockchains also like SOLANA , POLYGON etc?

ans: We are built on Solana natively. We have used the Wormhole bridge to bridge to ETH as we. Sator does plan to be multi chain in the future

3 As you know, Asia, Africa and other communities are Non-English speaking communities, how will your project create global adoption to more local communities?

ans: Yes the Sator site is almost done being translated to Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish. The dApp will also soon be translated. And Sator brings content into the platform from all regions of the world.

4 •Where can I buy it?
•also all the links to all your social media platforms if possible?

ans: IDO on
Uniswap listing 11/7 listing 11/7

5 Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?

ans: Whitepaper is always available at



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