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1. First of all, it’s good to see you again with us. Some of our newcomers might not be familiar with you so please introduce yourself one more time. What do you do and what’s your role in SUBME?

Ans:;Sure thing. Let me tell you more about myself.

First of all, my name is Michał Dziopak.I am the partnerships and communications manager in Subme. Apart from being the P & C manager, I also hold other roles in Subme.

Not to make it a lengthy introduction you can check out more about me and my background story on Subme’s website:

2: Could you explain to us in detail what is Subme all about?

Ans:Sure thing. Just fasten your sit-belts and let me run for you detailed introduction about Subme.

As you can clearly see, our project is called Subme. Our project aims to deliver all-in-one subscriptions marketplace & management app. With our app, users will be able to store all of their subscriptions of services and goods in one place and they will manage them in an easy way.So actually to us, everything can be turned into a subscription and we will gather them in a kind of subscriptions marketplace. Be it any kind of goods, which make our app even cooler.Imagine the times when you had to order your favorite coffee but you would usually postpone it due to lack of your own time. Now our app will handle the whole process for you! Purchasing, paying and delivering it right to your doorsteps.Once you have decided to cancel your subscription because you don’t feel like you need that coffee anymore, you will be able to do it in a very easy and quick way through the digital card representing that coffee.With our app you will be also able to use & manage your services subscriptions, not only those related to goods.All of it will be revolving around our BEP-20 based token, called $SUB, which makes up the lifeblood of our platform sincewith that our users will be able to discount their purchases, get cashbacks or even pay fully for orders via goods & services subscriptions.Last month we used to hold IDO for Terra Land, project which made significant X at its launch.And actually, there are going to be hold more IDOs in the future. What I can tell you already is that one of them will be related to the gaming sphere.To know more about them I advise you to join up the ranks of our official community group on TG:

3: What has changed since the last time you have been present with us? What have you been able to achieve in the project during that time?

Ans:1. We held TGE, got listed on the PancakeSwap and BitMart
2. We started running the farming (V. 1.0 and V. 2.0!)
3. We introduced staking.
4. We created the SubPad (our launchpad for partnering projects - we already held IDO for Terra Land)
5. There is scouting program available.
6. We created and sold our first NFTs through
7. There is 1 million $SUB club incoming
8. Our app is in advanced development stage with sellers testing it out and introducing their services to it and soon we will also let the first users (buyers) test it out as well.
9. The full version of our application will be released in 1Q 2022. In other words there are quite many things happening on our side.

4: Tokenomics play a vital role in good utility tokens. Can you show us what is the tokenomics model in your project?

Ans:Our users will be able to get with it discounts in our app and also to pay fully for the goods and services, exchange it to other cryptocurrencies (swap), get neat cashbacks with it, sell back or hodl for its value to increase or the $SUB could be simply treated as loyalty points for our users. $SUB operates on the BSC chain.

You can buy $SUB on PancakeSwap or BitMart. I personally advise buying through PancakeSwap. You can buy it there:

5: What are your aims for the whole of the next year according to your roadmap? What is the ultimate goal of SUBME?

Ans:Our ultimate goal is to become a supreme marketplace & management platform for subscriptions users & creators reaching our and covering all the markets around the world.

We are aiming to release the full version of our application, introduce our platform to more international markets, polishing our application, and establishing our first fulfillment/distribution centers in the world.

Twitter Segment:

1. So, do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

Ans:We held 6 monthly burns already. We keep burning tokens on a monthly basis. The supply of tokens has been reduced from 880.000.000 to appr. 858.000.000. We intend to buy back & burn up to 44% of all circulating tokens.

2: Partnerships are extremely necessary for Project to grow. So may we get an ides of your future partnerships plans and also past partnership details?


Ans:Sure thing. Actually you can easily check out more about our current partnerships on our website: though I would like to mention to you two projects that we are partnering up with: and Terra Land. For Terra Land project we helped them with holding IDO, with we created and sold the NFTs of real-world gloves manifestations signed up by our Ambassador, Jan Błachowicz!

3: What are the advantages of Your project ?


Ans:That’s a long topic. There are plenty of them. Let me wrap them up for you, the most important ones:

The wholesome approach to subscriptions, the way how we view them, and the benefits we offer to our users, among them:

- products and services with competitive prices
- subscription based business model
- cashbacks,
- various discounts negotiated on behalf of our users
- loyalty points (our tokens called SUB)
- easy to use, efficient, time and money saving app for managing or creating your subscriptions
- staking
- farming
- our SubPad (launchpad for IDOs of partnering projects)

4: What are the types of users on your project? How do you keep all users staying with your project for the long term ?


Ans:We can divide our users into 3 main groups:

- buyers,
- sellers,
- influencers.

Of course, right now before the app is not out yet, so our users are mostly crypto users, but once the app is out they will be among those mentioned above 3 groups. We want them to stay through delivering our project and all what we promised to them. We keep fulfilling our promises.

5: Where can I buy your $SUB tokens now, what are your current contracts and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?


Ans:PancakeSwap or BitMart. I personally advise buying through PancakeSwap. You can buy it there:

Our contract address is: 0xfd290c590866f8282d89671a85ac9964b165d682

Plenty. The main benefit is that the token value will sky rocket once we release our product, which will happen in the near future. Right now is a good moment to buy more $SUBs.

Once again, I encourage you guys to trace our project’s development through our official TG group:

Live Q&A:

1)Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

Ans:Suitable for both groups. If you are a crypto beginner, just join up our social medias and we will help you & guide you into the world of crypto :)

2) 👍According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority? Do you have enough funds and strong community to achieve the goal?

Ans:Yes, we do have. Our top priority in the nearest time will be the release of our application and platform to the publicity.

3) Does #SUBME provide Staking program? If so, how and where can I bet $SUB and how many APY mechanisms do I get??

Ans:Yes, we do have staking available. Kindly navigate to our panel here:



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