Crypto Wizards AMA With The Dapp List


1. Could you please provide a quick self-introduction for the community?

Ans: Sure, Myself Nirbhik - Founder & CEO of @thedapplist, prev. Community & Growth at Polygon (Matic).

While working at Matic, grew community from 58 members to 30k, advised & supported 40+ dapps with marketing & content planning, organized 100+ hackathons within a span of 1.5 years in India, and several other things on the marketing & growth side.

Before joining Matic, I was leading a digital lab for a Branding & Design agency.

2.Can you briefly introduce the project "The Dapp List", what are some of utlities of $WISE Token ? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

Ans: To put it simply, The Dapp List is formulating a multichain ecosystem for curating web3 adoption.

Here we will bridge the gap between users, developers, and ecosystem partners by providing them a common platform to interact & work together. It will make Dapps more accessible for users to engage and learn about.

Additionally, the developers can build their community, get validation for their ideas/dapps, and gain traction to develop their idea to outcome.

Talking about features that distinguish us, The Dapp List’s explore module has got community governance at its core, where the community hunt and votes for dapps, and based on the outcome, the dapps get listed.

Generally, with other mainstream platforms, all these happen under central authority. Our primary focus is to make the ecosystem safe for novice users to explore and engage with the dapps. Adding on top of that, we’ve got Buidl (launchpad for devs) & Invest (a bridge between users, devs & investors) launching in Q3 & Q4 simultaneously.

We have $WISE as our utility token. It is used for :

- Curating dapps & getting rewards in return with reputation + tokens. Reputation will be used to unlock levels & mint NFTs. Tokens can be used to provide LP, Stake LP token & then Hunt / Vote to win premium rewards on top of staking rewards.

- Staking - Community members can stake LP tokens to earn rewards. Further, they can Hunt & Vote to maximize the rewards.

- Token as a fee - We’ll have different opportunities to market on our platform for the listed dapps. They will have the choice to pay to in stables or pay with $WISE to unlock discounts. Token flows back into our reserves & further adding more power to the product.

- NFT minting - NFT that represents your reputation can be minted while locking your tokens back into reserve. NFT provides you premium rewards to hunt & vote, take part in governance & support early projects. Also, NFT represents your social status on-chain.

- Governance - $WISE token will be used to take part in governance & showcase your governance power in The Dapp List.

Read more about it in our litepaper:

3. Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? what are the major achievement target The Dapp List is yet to achieve . If possible also share your roadmap.

Ans: We’ve been building for more than 6 months now. Improving the idea & platform, collecting more feedback & suggestions from the community. But our efforts got a major validation when Vitalik himself talked about the same idea -

& this was when web2 platforms were rejecting major web3 apps because of their policies.

Adding to that, we’ve already got 3K people registered & waiting for the V2 launch. And, we’re excited about it 🙂

We are fortunate enough to be ahead of what we had previously planned. For Q1 our target was to close seed and private funding rounds & hire the team which is done successfully.

Check out our funding announcement:

- V1 was active for more than months (collected numerous feedbacks & suggestions)
- Onboarded 8k+ users onto our platform
- More than 50 dapps getting ready for our V2, out of 115 hunted dapps

Have a look at our V1 :

We recently released our Litepaper, did a pre-ido with Genesis Shards, and now it’s time for a public IDO (keep an eye for announcements) and soon enough it will be followed by the V2 release. In Q3 the BUIDL module will bring attraction from devs and finally in Q4 we will have our investment module live which is a huge step towards uniting investors with devs and the community.

We have also launched our Ambassador program :

Have a look at our roadmap:

4) Could you share a bit about security and also what benefits you provide to incentives user’s choosing your Platform?

Ans: Sure. At the moment, we’ve few contracts but those are not closely involved with holding money in it, but we’ll have numerous contracts when our V2 goes live. For that, we’re already working with audit firms. We’ll have the audit done before or around our V2.

We highly believe in getting code audited & we have already got it peer-reviewed before audits 🙂

5.Whats the total supply of the token ? Could you share a detailed tokenomics of mainnet token’s supply distribution

Ans: Total token supply - 200,000,000 (ERC20) | Ticker - $WISE

Seed Allocation: 7.42%
Private Sale Allocation: 10.19%
Strategic Sale Allocation: 2.73%
Public Sale Allocation: 1.43%
Retroactive Mining: 0.5%
Mining: 29.5%
Marketing: 10%
Reserves: 18%
Team: 16%
Ecosystem & Security: 4.23%

Twitter Q&A

1. Do yo have an ongoing ambassadorial program the community can participate in? If so, how can the community take part in the application process?

From :@Greyhair_08

Ans: Yes, we do have an ambassador program. Everyone is welcome to participate. Read more about it here:

We already announced Cohort 1 & Cohort 2

⚔️ @thedapplist Knights of Web3 ambassador program's 2nd Cohort results are here 🌘🦉🌒

Congratulations to all the knights.

Check out if you made it to the list -


2. Does the Dapp List have a plan to educate the community so that it can raise awareness, implement and help more people understand Dapp List easily?

From :@Elsonele

Ans: Yes, we do have this planned, and we have taken steps towards it. If you check our activities till now, we are doing a lot of AMA’s to first educate and fit the idea around web3 audience because they won’t require much assistance and will understand faster than a novice entering the web3 space.

To educate novices in a fun and engaging manner, we believe that community support is our best bet. We have done quizzes and initiated an ambassador program solely focused on educating and uplifting the community and new entrants

Check out our Ambassador Program: I personally want to invite everyone to register 🙂

Furthermore, we have an educative content strategy that I firmly believe will make a significant contribution in guiding new entrants, raising awareness, and will help more people.

3. Partners are very important for every project today, may I know which partners you have now? and which partners in the future you will be heading to ?

From : @Ductrung753951

Ans: We’ve got some integrations coming along very soon, don’t want to break the news atm. But I would definitely add some details to it 🙂

Recently we partnered with Cryption Network to fuel projects on Polygon. Read More here:

We’ve got partners from the following background & I’m talking about the best of the best. And, you can tag me back on this 🙂

- Wallet integrations
- Decentralized Identity integrations
- Data integrations
- Analytics integrations
- Web3 notifs
- L1s & L2s for creating a common playground

I think if I type more, I’ll probably leak all the details 🙈

4. Only getting users, holders etc is not everything. In my opinion, a project needs to deal with solving a real world issue or problem What is the problem that your project primarily focuses on?

From : @alisa_crypto2

Ans: Currently, if we analyze the user base that actively engages in web3 ventures, it commonly includes tech-savvy individuals, web3 enthusiasts who adore the idea of cryptography and decentralization, and others with a fundamental perception of financial systems and economics.

Even with such strong backgrounds, it sometimes becomes challenging to distinguish among projects they can trust or incorporate within their existing institution. Additionally, when it comes to novice entrants, they usually fall for gimmicks, and the cycle of 'crypto is scary' narrative continues to trend.

Now the enigma here doesn’t just end with users. Developers with innovative ideas and good potential fall behind due to a lack of support, infrastructure, and guidance. Plus, the centralized fashion of existing app stores harms the user experience, and even developers find it challenging to cope with their publishing policies.

The Dapp List is manifesting a Multichain Ecosystem for Curating the Web3 Adoption. It does this by eradicating centralized authority, supporting developers, and offering a safe space for users to explore and engage with the dapps.

Formulating this vision, we provide a set of modules that include Explore, BUIDL, and Invest.

- Explore is for users (new users & crypto natives)

Expore is powered with Multi-chain governance to Curate the projects. Hence in the process, it eradicates the central authority. Here the hunters are responsible for proposing dapps to the community. Then community members take the voters' role and decide whether the dapp is worthy enough to be listed on The Dapp List platform.

- Buidl is for devs - launchpad for early projects (not IDO)

Here we provide a platform for developers & early-stage projects who can directly connect to the community, where they can take validation on the idea, build a network with our partners to grow, & much more.

- Buidl is for devs - launchpad for early projects (not IDO)

Here we provide a platform for developers & early-stage projects who can directly connect to the community, where they can take validation on the idea, build a network with our partners to grow, & much more.

5. Reviewing on website article that Dapps allowing community governance on the reputation system. Here, Dapp listing platform act as mediator who connects end-users with dapps. Can you explain how this reputation system work? And how positive/negative reputation will effect?

From : @DngGiaPhong2

Ans: Reputation mechanism is in place to keep fraud and malpractice at bay, so when a hunter submits a dapp, the community members vote for it, and after this cycle, dapp will be listed basis top 5 votes. Here whoever is involved in the process gets a positive reputation if the dapp is listed. Negative actions will harm their reputation and thus they also lose chance on further rewards. You can read about this in detail on our community governance article:

Basically each positive action will earn you rewards + reputation & each bad act will slash your reputation & future rewards.

Live Q&A

1.reading your website mentions working on a user-centred educational content strategy to get new users into the web3 ecosystem . what benefits will be received for users who contribute to it?

Ans: So, we'll be curating & creating content around the dapps, ecosystem & web3 in general - we're already covering highlights from web3 ecosystem in our newsletter, we're also doing educative content around dapps & different niche (recently publised an article around Dex) and our team is also working on some extensive research articles around dapps & chains.

We're rewarding the people who help us echo this resource further in their way through our Ambassador program ( Knights of @thedapplist )

Details about ambassador program can be found here -

2.Are you going to lunch Dapp list mobile and desme App in the future where users can easy track list of genuine projects? Are you thinking of getting into the NFTS space in the future?

Ans: App is not in the plan as of now. Focus is to cate to the audience through webapp & make the experience mobile friendly. Then after that if there's a need coming in from users for app, we will definitely work on that 🙂

We already have NFT implementation in our roadmap. People those who collect reputation from contributing (hunters & voters), they'll be able to mint NFTs basis their reputation 🙂

3.What is the main focus of the team for mid-term? Do you think DAPPlist will be adopted in a near future?

Ans: Our mid-term (a month) is to release our V2 of Explore which is pretty strong in terms of product & completing token sale involving as much as community members possible in it.

We already have 8k+ users coming to our V1 to explore dapps month on month basis.

V2 has 3k+ registrations now 🙂

4.To what extent we can participate in the token governance? If we propose some suggestions
Do you really consider it?

Ans: Framework around governance relating to overall ecosystem is not yet published.

For now you can choose the dapp that you want to be listed on the platform by hunting or voting on applications -

5.The project has some interesting characteristics in addition to having a good community. What other characteristics can we see in the project in the future? Will they work with NFTs or similar proposals?

Ans: If you look at the overall ecosystem from a broader perspective, what we are trying to achieve is something not yet done & it will unlock huge potential for overall web3 ecosystem.

Our modules are strong & targeting different audiences and bringing them on same ground which is unique & powerful in it's own way.

NFTs for reputation earned is in our roadmap 🙂

For More Updates And Questions Join :



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