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1.Can you give a concise introduction about Tron Dao? And What are the core functions of TronDAO?

ANS: It’s all about Tron really is now, I mean real adoption, real use case
some people are still comparing L1s (Blockchain) based on the white paper or the technical promise
it’s a mistake in my point of view
let me explain
for most of the L1s (launched in 2017/2018), it’s now time to show these L1s are able to attract and retain users/investors

a business it’s not pump and dump, but long term vision, long term strategy

and it’s exactly what is Tron. since the launch of the blockchain (2018) we are focus on delivering the technical promise follow a 10 years roadmap

yes guys, a 10 years roadmap, not a Stage 1/2/3 one

since the launch Tron is a DPOS L1 (delegated proof of stake)

at this moment (2018) it was mostly only POW (proof of work) ones. each new project trying to be the next Bitcoin. Tron offer a smartcontract compatible L1 (as Ethereum) but in a more efficient way, since 4 years now. when for ETH, the merge should come in the next few weeks.

people at this time didn’t understood well the long term strategy
Tron is one of the most energy efficient blockchain
A recent publication has demonstrated this

Tron is green, and not so much are so efficient today. and actually we all now, all around the world how energy consomption is critical. Tron is ready since 4 years. this is anticipation

now, regarding the reality, and not just some words, promise on a website, in a white paper or used for a ‘hype’ based marketing, Tron is the strongest alternative to Ethereum. let me share some numbers reflecting this reality. let’s talk about active wallets: how many wallets made a transaction last 24h,

who is the first one?


don’t trust me, verify

mostly 2M active wallets per day on Tron when the 10 following chains count for less

just order by active wallets. regarding TVL
Tron is 2nd

regarding how many wallets own stable coins (and we all know how stable coins are precious in such volatile bear market condition)
Tron is the 1st

more than 10M, ETH is 2nd with mostly 3.4M
and then other L1s are far away.

there is actually 10x more daily volume for USDT (the dominant stablecoin) on Tron than on ETH

Eth and Tron = 80% of the total stable coins liquidity

This is the simple reality
no hype, but strong adoption, high level usage and long term vision

2.With so many public chains in this industry, Why would People choose Tron? What are the features of TRON chain that makes it superior and special In The Market?

ANS: There are 2 kind of people involved in the crypto industry, the ones focused on hype, pump and dump and short term and then the ones focused on building for the long run, delivering a real alternative to the current system to the first ones, I use to say: playing short term, you will lose your money, sooner or later, and you will miss the real long term opportunities.

and I invite them to have a look to the reality. they are still comparing L1s by TPS and such criteria’s
It can be when the blockchain is not live and constantly improving, I mean when it’s just a white paper.

but when the chain is live, as I said other criteria’s matter

the number of wallets => 110M for Tron (4th blockchain)

the number of actives wallets => +5M

the number of actives wallets / last 24h =>2M (1st). The TVL (Total value locked) => Tron is 2nd L1. more than 12b in fact

The stable liquidity available on the L1 ecosystem => Tron is 2nd

it’s not about ‘features’ anymore it’s about real usage. reality. Tron is working, simply since 4 years, with no down time, no congestion, no hack working perfect well there is no fees war on Tron, it’s predictible, and doesn’t cost gas but consume ‘energy’ and bandwidth’ and it’s also about our ecosystem, a really commited and supportive community, a strong and creative ecosystem.

Tron is build for the long term, and the actual adoption level proves we are on the good way. it’s easy to promise, it’s hard to deliver.

we have seen so many hacks, gas war, downtime, interuption on some L1s

Tron is simple the opposite. we don’t want to be superior, we want to offer a safe, sustainable alternative

we are doing it, pretty well

3.Among Major Projects Tron’’s achievement is not easy. How did Tron manage this in such a competitive market?

One more time, we don’t consider our industry in this terms it’s not about being easy or not, it’s not about competition
it’s about knowing what we want to build, to deliver, how we want to contribute to improve daily life, financial inclusion, for each one and everyone
if you build a project following what others are doing, it means you have no vision, no strategy
Apple never buildt depending on what Microsoft was building.

Apple has followed its own strategy
have a look on how Apple is a leader now
some other competitors, tried to do the same than Microsoft => they are dead projects now
whatever the innovation is, it’s always the same
the ones leading the market, having a clear long term vision
and the ones trying just to get a market share
the first ones always become the long term leaders
the second ones collapse, always
it’s not because it’s web3 that it’s different. some people claim that they want to kill project X, it’s a way to consider competition.
but not the one we follow
for us, it’s about emulation
Luna wanted to kill ETH and DAI, have a look to what’s happened
so we are following our way, anticipating the market evolution, and we are focus on this 10 years roadmap
that’s it

4) Could you share a bit about #sTRONgerTogetherChallenge ? How can projects be featured in this Challenge ?

ANS: It’s really exciting for me to talk about it
because it’s a clear example of how Tron ecosystem is cooperative and supportive

#sTRONgerTogetherChallenge has started as a simple idea less than 1 mont ago
As part of my daily job, I spend a lot of time on a daily basis to help the projects from our ecosystem and also to onboard new ones, including some built on other L1s who want to migrate or having a multichain strategy
I constantly repeat that we have to cooperate
It’s not about a competition but all about collaboration
The first main goal is to demonstrate the powerful ‘Together’ effect
Showing to the whole Crypto industry how the Tron and BitTorrent ecosystem are strong
it’s also giving back to the TRON community what the community gives us each day
Highlighting Tron OG projects and those who are joining us
Showing how projects help each other in our ecosystem (we are really supportive, open-minded and inclusive)
confirming our long-term commitment, whatever the market situation, bear or bull, and our determination to keep on building, every day
Engaging our respective community to support and collaborate with other ones (participating project communities)
and in such market condition, it’s really crucial to show that we are alive, that we keep building strongly
so I have proposed to some projects to join thinking that we will be 5 to 7
doing a one week event as a proof of concept
finally we are +40 projects in 💪🔥

and we have launched this challenge 3 weeks ago
with a daily challenge/airdrop
more than $20k for the whole challenge
each day it’s between 300$ up to 1200$ to win
each day we highlight one project

we have published a press release and several crypto media made an article about it

it’s the first time that a L1 ecosystem launch a such campaign/initiative
This is the challenge of the day for example
we see a impressive engagement from all projects and from the community
you are welcome guys

it’s the first time that a L1 ecosystem launch a such campaign/initiative

we see a impressive engagement from all projects and from the community
you are welcome guys

come, join, learn more about the Tron and BitTorrent ecosystem and have some fun with us

here 1=1,
one human = one human
and that’s it

we are already working on a season 2 (launch in October certainly)
100 projects & partners / 100 days

it will be massive and amazing

This is unique, exciting and contribute to make the difference

this is also what Tron is all about
smart, committed, trustable people

a big family]
with no borders
so if you want to join
follow my Twitter

or join our Official sTRONgerTogetherChallenge TG Channel

5.Can You Give an Overview about Your Stable coin $USDD, Recently some stable coins have been losing value due to depegging so How secure and safe the USDD, What are the Backing securities For it?

ANS: Tron DAO reserve aims to safeguard the overall blockchain industry and crypto market, prevent panic trading caused by financial crises, and mitigate severe economic downturns.
The TRON DAO Reserve oversees TRON-based mainstream stablecoins as well as manages Decentralized USD (USDD) on TRON as its early custodian and ensures its price stability with reserves.
USDD is not one more decentralized stablecoin
it’s the most collaterized and the most transparent
Tron Dao Reserve it’s not just Tron DAO, it’s a pool of leading partners

USDD is Over-Collateralized as I said
USDD is secured by the over-collateralization of multiple mainstream digital assets (e.g. TRX, BTC, and USDT).

The total value of collateralized assets is significantly higher than that of USDD in circulation with the collateral ratio set at 130%, far exceeding the 120% required for DAI.
actually the collat ratio is more than 300%
yes read it again: 300%

and you can verify and audit the reserve by yourself
at any time

just have a look
USDD is also Chain-Agnostic by design and by default
USDD circulates on TRON, Ethereum, BSC, and other networks via the cross-chain protocol BitTorrent Chain

BitTorrent chain is part of our ecosystem, acting as the bridge between Tron and all other blockchain
USDD is already available on most of the T1 dex and exchanges

and much more are coming soon
one more time, it’s all about long term vision, being far away from hype
in the opposite, it’s about buildingg for the long run

USDD is ready to go on much more L1s now
but we take the time needed to do it properly

to be safe and sustainable

and for the DeFi addict, you can bring liquidity or stake and earn juicy sustainable APY

6.What is Tron current focus and What is Tron’s roadmap for the future? Are there any exciting developments for the project underway?

ANS: I say it again, we are focused on the long term
That doesn’t mean that we don’t build on a daily basis
when it comes to a blockchain L1, when it’s live with exciting dApp built on top of it, at first you have to be focused on security

No hack in 4 years

No downtime

No congestion

that’s our first focus

it’s also offering a sustainable and welcoming context for builders, artists, NFT creators

and the community

the reason why we have launched early this year our GrandHackthon (3 seasons this year) with DeFI, GameFI, NFT and web 3

that’s a first way to develop our ecosystem

we have also launched a grants program in august for community grants, developers grants, and influencers grants

and finally, TRON has announced the allocation for the $1,111,111,111 ecosystem fund they revealed in November 2021.

Yes, more than 1 billion

The fund was established to foster the growth and development of the TRON ecosystem over 10 years.

yes for the next 10 years

we definitively have a long term strategy

we are not only working on improving the blockchain but also helping to build on top of it

with BitTorrent Chain for example it’s easier than ever to go multichain

BitTorrent chain also offer a P2P alternative to IPFS with BTFS (BitTorrent file system)

we keep building and improving a fast, secure, cost effective L1

with a multichain strategy in mind

I can’t reveal now but just follow Tron Dao account to get the last updates

some great and massive news are coming

you can also join our TG Channels

@TronNetworkEN 🌎
@TronnetworkCN 🇨🇳
@TronnetworkES 🇪🇸
@TronnetworkRU 🇷🇺
@TronnetworkJP 🇯🇵
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@tronnetworkPL 🇵🇱
@TRONBulgariaofficial 🇧🇬

the best way to get the last updates

stay tuned 😉🔥🚀

Twitter segment

1) After the LUNA-UST events, the perspective of investors towards stable coins changed and they started to direct their investments elsewhere. What kind of work do you do as the TRON-USDD team to change the perspective of investors towards stable coins?

ANS: as I said just previously, USDD is the most collaterized stable coin, and not just collaterized but OVER colaterized
More than 300%
so when 1$ USDD in on the market, 3$ are in reserve to back it

it’s decentralized, transparent, over collaterized and ready to go on all chain

real investors, whales, leading exchanges know what it means

the reason one they support USDD
you can’t compare a L1 build on hype and one built with a long term vision

like comparing carrots and apples

2) Marketing and partnership are really crucial to any projects because it reinforces and spread the #trondao of that project. Can you list several well-known partners? What will you execute to keep long-term holders as well as investors?

ANS: when I talk about ecosystem I include partners

let me share some

Tron DAO grandhackathon partners

and much more are joining actually

exchange partners

sTRONgerTOgether partners

we are not alone 😉

our ecosystem is really strong and growing constantly

the reason why Tron is TronStrong

3) What are your main features that distinguish you from other stablecoin projects & what competitive advantages do you have? Since Your project is One with a lot of experience, can you tell us what is:
1 Your Best Advantage?
2 Your Strongest Motivation?
3 Your Biggest Challenge?

ANS: 1 Your Best Advantage?
A fast, secure, cost effective, sustainable blockchain/technology
Tron works, simply

USDD is the most collaterized stable coin

one of the rare to be able to go on multichain

Having BitTorrent Chain bridge as a part of our ecosystem also brings advantage in comparison with some other L1s

it’s the perfect bridge

2 Your Strongest Motivation?
People behind, building on a daily basis
Made by Humans for Humans
we have one of the smartest ecosystem, people really commited, not here for quick money but having a real and strong long term vision

nobody is here to make quick profit and to scam people

3 Your Biggest Challenge?
Keep building, still and always
in bear or bull market

delivering trustable real solution for real people

and I personnaly think that we are doing it 💪

Telegram Segment

1.Trust is very important in business, what makes investors, customers and users feel safe when working with your project ?

ANS: showing that you keep building

being focus on the long term vision

working on improving the ecosystem

considering user adoption at first

not ‘bullish’ marketing, not hype

hype never lasts

being smart and commited

delivering the promise

and acting as a real profesionnal

even if it’s web3

we see so much amateurs 😉

2.Is your project A community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages??Thanks Sir?

ANS: for sure not
as I shared with have several local communities in several languages

I know how english can be a barrier (I’m french and you know what we use to say about french people and foreign language 😂)


@TronNetworkEN 🌎
@TronnetworkCN 🇨🇳
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@tronnetworkEU 🇪🇺
@tronnetworkIndia 🇮🇳
@tronnetworkPT 🇵🇹🇧🇷
@tronnetworkIndonesia 🇮🇩
@tronnetworkTurkey 🇹🇷

language matters and we consider it

just join the TG Group in the language you feel confortable

3.Do you have a whitepaper? if yes please share it with us and secondly are you working to AUDIT your project, to make its security more secure and reliable?


and the security audit has been made in 2020

we really consider security as a priority
some other L1s consider speed as a priority
we have seen several hack on these L1s

we stay focus on security and there was no hack since the launch in 2018

I say it again, Tron works, simply, with no dwontime, no interuption, no hack no congestion

that’s our vision of what a blockchain should be

4.What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

ANS: Building, building and building
welcoming new projects (a lot are joining)
and supporting the existing one
this is also part of the role of a L1 chain

5.Staking programme is very important for any project,? Can i stake your token,? Do you have any plan of starting staking programme?

ANS: Yes you can stake and vote
you will earn TRX and get energy and bandwidth
so you can make transaction for free

you can do it in wallet (using Tron Link wallet) or on tronscan

you can use to farm and provide liquidity too

and you can use justlend to bring some supply and earn safe APY



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