Crypto Wizards AMA With Turtle Finance


1. Can you Briefly introduce the Project Turtle Finance?

Ans:So, Turtle Finance is a decentralized, automatic and multichain smart trading platform that is already live on BSC and HECO chain. Basically a very simple to use and safe platform where any user can deposit their assets and get profit from trading strategies that are executed by our platform. We’ve launched the project on Sept 10th and so far things going very well

You can check our the project by visiting our website

2. Could you please give a brief intro to the key features of Turtle Finance? What are the advantages offered ?

Ans:In short, it allows users to arbitrage among different DEXs automatically just by a couple of clicks.

Actually, not many crypto investors have the experience and ability to successfully make profits in the market by doing day trading.

The market is volatile and the tools available are not very simple and easy to use. With Turtle anybody can be a trader, because the trading strategies are live on the platform, they were extensively tested and are controlled by a smart contract (that is audited by Certik)

So, users can just deposit their assets and the platform will trade based on the profit margins they selected

3. Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? what are the major achievement target Turtle Finance is yet to achieve . If possible also share your roadmap.

Ans:As I said previously, we’ve launched the project just two weeks ago. Before that we’ve tested the project over a month and get some great results
We’re in a really close relationships with BSC, HECO & Polygons chains. We’re the winners of HECO chain Hackathon ( ) and the part of BSC MVP Builders program (

At the moment only one trading strategy available on the platform but the team working on the Second strategy which is going to be very soon

Also, currently working with Venus and opened up the XVS / WBNB trading pairs and we’re really happy to collaborate with them

In addition to that, the team working on deploying Turtle into different chains, the next one will be Polygon, after that Solana

4) Could you share a bit about security and also what benefits you provide to incentives user’s choosing your Platform?

Ans:Good question! Firstly, we do take security very seriously and our smart contact has been audited by Certik and before going to the mainnet we’ve tested a lot, so nothing worry about

About the benefits: when we’ll launch the TRE token (which is Turtle’s governance token), users who’re trading on the platform will get the TRE as an reward to addition profit from trading, and i think this is the double value we’re providing to our fans..

And lastly, I’d like to say we’re focusing on long term game, we truly believe and seeing that the Turtle giving the value, so that’s why we’re not in a hurry to launch the token

5.Now Share us about your native token, What are the some of utlities of $TRE Token in Your Ecosystem? And if possible share to us the Tokenomisc of $TRE Token

Ans:Well, the token is not available now. We’re planning to do the IDO before launching and I know our fans are really waiting for that moment..

Also TRE holders could vote for the Turtle future features

The TRE total supply is 100M and for more detailed tokenomincs you can check on our website

Twitter Segment

Q1.By @shihaz_Op
There are many similar out there, some have been quite successful. What is special about Turtle compared to other projects?

Ans:So, yeah how we’re seeing Turtle Finance in the future, the platform where professional strategists are going to upload the trading strategies and on other hand the investors going to use it to gain the profit and at the end both sides going to have the profit share from the platform. We think it’s a great opportunity for newcomers in the DEFI world + we could help to expand Decentralized Finance idea to the masses.

PS: the trading strategies will be checked and tested before it lives on the platform

We think the Turtle Finance idea is pretty unique in the DEFI world
Here’s how it works

Q2.By @BeyiKripto
What are your strategy to increase attraction towards your project? For example what kind of event will you do for your users?

Ans:So now we’re holding the huge GIVEAWAY you can go and participate in it

Also, we are preparing the ambassadors program for those who are really wanna contribute to the community and expand the Turtle’s idea, so stay tunes on our social media

We’re partnering up with both BSC and HECO chains projects and there are great collabs in the pipeline

And we’re talking with IDO platforms for the TRE launch and I personally believe it’s gonna be huge 🚀🚀

Q3.By @Nht25456236
Will you extend your project on more blockchain?

Ans:Oh yeah, now we’re live on BSC and HECO chains, soon will be on Polygon and Solana as well

Q4. By @Greyhair_08
I really like the TurtleFinance concept, but could you tell us how user-friendly your project is? Is there a training video that shows users how to navigate the worlds of Turtle Finance and the various ways to earn money?

Ans:Absolutely, you can check out this guide

Q5. By @MUHAMMA26835178
-Are you a global project, or a local project??? -Can anyone use your project anywhere, without any restrictions???

Ans:Yeah, we’re a global project. Currently our community is mainly on English, but soon opening up the local communities like ES, FR, JP, CN, ID etc

You can use it without any restrictions

Live Q&A

1) What is the global expansion plan? Does Turtle Finance need more community for the project??? How can I join the administration?

Ans. We’re planning to expand the community and open up the local language group, so feel free to contact me

2) CAN you explain the background of your team? How will you and your team carry out this project during this current pandemic(COV-19)???

Ans. We have some really talented guys both dev and business, who previously worked at big companies and had their own crypto projects, also our founder with the exchange background

3) Tell us about your plans for 2022, what Turtle Finance is doing right now and plans to expand the list of major exchanges?

Ans. Near future plans: we’re going to be live on Polygon & Solana, then do the IDO and launch the TRE token, at the same time will be increasing the trading strategies and collaborating with more projects

4) Do Turtle Finance plan to collaborate on projects in other ecosystems? Is Turtle Finance data security technology safe?

Ans. About the data and asset security, we don’t have any access to the user’s fund and as i said the smart contact has been audited by Certik and the project is open source

5) Is this platform suitable for Crypto beginners?Or does it only appeal to professional users?

Ans. Yes, it is! The Turtle helps newcomers to enter the crypto world more smoothly as its user friendly and easy to use. Check it out by this link



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