Crypto Wizards AMA With Wolf Girl

Guest:Luc-Alexandre Maucourt


Ans:Wolfgirl is a project centered around 3 cores: giving reward for holding in an active fashion, offering something more than simply a token by having NFTs tied to it, and a price floor mechanism that ensure continuous valuation of the token, linked to it's burn rate.

There's a whole story behind the creation of the project, but for the short version: I've been scammed. I'm friend with a lot of people who have been scammed. And we ought to do better. We all loved Wolf girls, and so this project came to life. We studied a lot what was already existing, and came up with this idea of a 3 part token. That's also why we did an audit, a KYC and published our code, in order to provide everyone with as much proof as we could that this was a legit project, helmed by legit people, whishing for something more than what is already existing.

Ans:So, like i said we have 3 main features :

- BNB rewards: we have a 12% tax on each transaction. 4% is burned, and 8% goes to a secondary contract, the "Den". At frequent intervals, any user can launch an "Hunt", selling the tokens inside the Den (those intervals are frequent enough that the price won't suffer from that sell). Then, once 100 hunts have been achieved, "Spoils" become available. 25% of the current BNB holding of the contract is made available as a whole, with each user claiming a portion of that according to it's holding at the time of the Spoils creation, via a snapshot.

- NFTs: We have our own ERC721 contract (WolfgirlNFT) that will house first a collection of 5000 AI generated Wolfgirl NFTs, buyable randomly in exchange of some WLFGRL. The payment is burned for 1/3 and transferred to the Den for 2/3, the team does not take a single token out of these sales. In early 2022, we'll open our own NFT Marketplace and auction system, as there's no central place yet for NFTs on the BSC, and we'll have many collaborations with various artists who'll offer hand-drawn Wolfgirls NFT for sale!

- Price floor mechanism: In order to translate our burn rate to price valuation, we have a price floor mechanism, where the contract forbid selling if the price would go below it. It is initially set at the PCS listing (and presale listing) price, and then goes up a bit for each buy of tokens

We believe that the combination of these 3 features will make for an attractive token, as you don’t have to appreciate NFTs for example to be interested in the rewards or Price floor features, and vice-versa

Ans:We have strived for quality from day one. Everyone in the team has passion and wants this project to truly succeed, not just be a passing fad. We have varied background from all around the world, which help for community management H24 for example. We also lived a lot of presale and launch in our investor life, which lead us to better understand what works and what doesn't work.

We are also very blessed to have a extremely talented artist, who did a lot of the graphical work you can see on our website, banners ads etc. We have our talented web designer, who made the website look professional and stand out from "meme" tokens. We have our community managers who have a lot of experience interacting with other people in their daily jobs, etc etc etc.

Everyone is complementing each other's strengths and compensating each other's weaknesses. I couldn't ask for a better team, and the fact that we bonded with our various past experiences means i trust every single one of them.

Ans:So, for tokenomics, here they are:

12% total tax:
- 4% burned
- 8% to the Den (BNB rewards)

Our main utility at launch will be the purchase of our AI generated NFTs. When we'll launch our NFT Marketplace/Auction system, all payment will be made in $WLFGRL. We also plan to launch a game playable with your purchased AI NFTs in 2022, which will not only drive the demand for those NFTs, but also allow in game transactions, once again in $WLFGRL. We'll explore other options such as staking for increased rewards etc.

Ans:This project started in June, you can see that the website domain registration was done early July. The development ended around a month ago, then came the private sale and start of marketing etc.

We have a full roadmap on our website, but from short term to long term:
-Fast listing on CG/CMC
-Dapp improvments (we'll launch a V1 Dapp, and will improve on it to have ultimately a V2/V3)
-NFT Marketplace & Auction System, and at the time of release, Artists Collaborations
-New AI generated NFT collections
-CEX Listings (this one can move quite a bit if the market cap grow faster than expected)

Twitter Segment:

Ans:So, i've shared our roadmap and future plans just before. As for Partners, we obviously have you guys @CryptoWizardsChat, we have partnerships with @icospeaks and @dxsale thanks to our KYC and Audit. We also partenered with several youtuber, the first to have released a video on us is Assen Nowak (video here:

We have other partners but due to NDAs, i'm not allow to share more until they go public. Loads of things in store for sure!

Ans:We have an Audit and a KYC, here’s links: and We waited for the audit first findings to be able to correct our code and release the best suite of contracts we could conceive. We also extensively tested it on the BSC Testnet to make sure everything was working as intended.

Ans:So, benefits include the regular BNB rewards, the evergrowing price floor ensuring that no dump to 0 can happen, ongoing deflation thank to a continous burn on every transaction, obviously price valuation as the NFTs are sold and gain value, as they'll be traded for $WLFGRL. We also revealed some of our plan with the game coming out in 2022, and we believe all of this combined will definitively drive demand and scarcity, as more and more tokens are burned and kept in wallets for the rewards, or outright spent for NFTs.

We made sure to do everything by the books, and to be as transparent as possible, in order to reassure everyone that this project is LEGIT. That's part of the reason i'm here today aswell.

Ans:So, right after launch, we want to fast-track CG and CMC listings. that's the number one priority for us, as this give us an huge exposure and enable most tradings tools. We'll also update BSCscan and trust wallet to show our logo and auto-detect our token.

After that, we'll work hard on Dapp improvments requested by our users, and at the same time work on the NFT Marketplace. We also plan to have our collection listed on various marketplace on the BSC, to enable trading/selling as soon as possible for those. The presale will let us have the funds for these endeavors as well as marketing, and we have the necessary connections to make this happen.

Ans:So, listing on CEXs is always a little bit tricky with tokens that do tax. But this is definitively part of our long term roadmap. We already talked to some CEXs about listing, and most of them are pretty excited about listing us, but this cost a lot of money and manpower. Long story short, it'll depend on how the market cap progress - the higher it goes, the easier it'll be to convince CEXs, provide liquidity and pay the listing fees.

I cannot share any name, as that would break the NDAs we have with them, but we only target prime CEXs that host various well-known tokens.

Live Q&A:

We then tweaked the generation parameters in order to generate what we were interested in (Wolfgirls), and then did a manual review to weed out any erronous one

Ans:We have an ongoing burn with pur tax system. To complement this, if there’s no new Spoils available for 30 days(so no new BNB rewards to get), we’ll reset the Den, buying as much WLFGRL as possible with the entierty of it’s BNB, and then burning ALL of those tokens, acting as a soft relaunch

Ans:Thanks to our Price floor mechanism, we’re ensuring a continuous long term valuation of WLFGRL. Also, with our regular BNB rewards, whom will grow with each Spoils cycle and that require you to be active to claim them, we believe we provide a lot of incentive to not only hold but actively participate in Wolfgirl’s ecosystem.

Ans:We have started foray into the middle east, russian and Korean markets. Cannot share more at the time but we intend to go global of course!

Ans:Thankfully, a lot of us are in fields where remote working became the norm at the start of the pandemic, so we were used to deal with these specifics. We also don’t fear any bear market, as we know that our token’s strengths are solid enough to go through it.

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