Crypto Wizards AMA With Yuko Pad

Guest: Yuko Pad Team Member


Ans: I am Yuko😄
Senior dev yukopad.

Yuko pad Team is made up of 4 persons with expertise in different fields. We are focused on putting out a worthy project.

Ans: Yukopad is a meme token with a cross-chain NFT marketplace and a Launchpad to aid IDOs of new and existing projects.

You can create your desired content and mint into an NFT, publish your NFT on the marketplace, auction, and trade your NFTs to art collectors.

We have got
✅ An IDO launchpad
✅ Yuko NFT marketplace
✅ Yuko Farm.

😊Meme nature of token, favorable price swing, and strong community base
😊cross-chain platform, more opportunities for creators to earn.
😊cross chain IDO platform, better and faster IDO raise
😊Airdrops for holders after IDOs
😊stronger security structure

Ans: Well, I wouldn't say we have achieved much because we still have a whole lot ahead of us.

The team has been focused on putting out a project worthy of emulation and we are making good progress.

The website is our major achievement as well as the first audit of the token. We are still expecting results from more audits precisely Certik audit results.

Going forward we are looking at achieving these few.

We love to set realistic targets and the roadmap will be updated as we progress

The contract has been audited and the audit result is favorable.

liquidity will be locked on listing.

Team and marketing tokens will be locked so devs cant dump price

launching on a secure IDO platform and will go through KYC so investors are safe

The bug bounty will help detect issues the team may have missed out and in return, rewards will be paid.

User get to benefit from

Instant rewards been redistributed on every transaction.

Airdrop after IDOs, 3% of hardcap will be shared to holders according to their tiers.

Content creators enjoy wide followers on our cross-chain market place.

Collectors will be able to enjoy good returns on every NFT purchased


The DYuko token is deflationary as burning occurs on every transaction.

4% of transaction fee is burnt.

Live Q&A

Ans: Well, presale buyers will be most fortunate.

Their tokens will be vested and released monthly

They get to enjoy good returns in the long run.

Ans:So simple friend.

Use the web link, to create ur own NFT connect your wallet and click create.

After creating it, auction it on the marketplace.

The NFT space has lots of NFT users. Your followers and other can get to collect NFTs and earn from our platform.

Ans:We have gotten our token contract audited.

Certik audit report is still pending and should be out in 2 weeks.

Also, the bug bounty will aid us to block off loopholes

Ans: Promotion is pivotal to success.

We have allocated a good portion of our tokens towards marketing.

BSc and matic chain users will be on board.

Ans: To ensure our continuous relevance in the NFT space we aim to keep improving our platform.

We will be having v2 launch in the coming months.

Our matic chain Nft marketplace is already set. And in test net.

Will be live on launch. Get ready to rock the nft space guys.

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